Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sun Sand and Sea for Spencer

So last weekend, we popped down to Devon to spend some time with my eldest son Will in Plymouth.

Will couldn't wait to meet Spencer or was it the other way around? ;)

At this point I must just say that we are very lucky to have a puppy friend that travels so well - he goes to sleep by our feet as soon as the car starts moving.

This bodes very well for our future motorhome adventures in Harvey J.

As the weather was so lovely, on the journey down to Plymouth, we made a detour to the seaside town of Exmouth to introduce Spencer to the beach and the sea :)
(We felt like some sea air too!)

Here is Spencer checking out the sea for the first time...

A bit perplexed by it all....

Investigating.... shells.... crabs..... driftwood......

Having fun with Dad.......

'It's a big world out there, son....'

After an hour or so of sea, sun, sand and fun, we continued our journey to Plymouth.

The next day we had decided to take a walk on Dartmoor.

 It was beautiful there.

We parked the car and walked up the 'gentle' hill.

Spencer always has lots of energy but we still restrict his walks whilst he is so young.

This works well as it allows me to gradually build up my fitness levels too...mmm...

Not much further to the top.....

We reached the top!!....

It was well worth the climb.....


 The views from the top were stunning...


Next time Spencer will be able to go for a longer walk, so we will be able to explore more of this beautiful place....maybe take a picnic too...

After our walk, we found a very nice doggy-friendly pub in Princetown for lunch.

They even had a menu for dogs!!

All in all it was a very lovely weekend :D

Maggie xx


  1. Awwwww Spencer at the seaside!! So cute! Looks like you had a fab time. Intrigued by what was on the menu for dogs? :-)
    Eileen xx

    1. Hi Eileen, There were 3 menu choices for dogs - Doggy Sausage, Cold cuts from the carvery and something else which we can't remember. Spencer chose the Doggy Sausage :) It's really nice to find a pub that openly welcomes dogs. The pub was the Prince of Wales if you're ever in that part of the world and need a dog friendly pub. Maggie xx

  2. i love these pics! what great shots you've captured! i also love your pup. too cute!

    1. Thanks Trish. Lovely to hear from you. Yes we think Spencer is rather cute too! xx

  3. What stunning photos. Spencer is looking good - and so sweet! Dogs have such wonder at everything! I feel puffed just looking at you all at the summit there. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Kim. Yes I was rather puffed when I reached the top but all this dog walking is working wonders! xx

  4. Your dog is lovely and what beautiful scenery, hoping for a holiday break in Devon this summer :)

  5. Wonderful photos, Maggie! Seems like you all had an absolutely fabulous time!
    Oh, your sweet little puppy is so adorable :)
    - Uta

  6. Beautiful scenery! So lovely. At least there weren't big waves at the beach. I once had a little Dalmatian pup. She was so scared of waves. She'd venture into the water but then run out every time a wave came (which is about every 2 minutes!).

    1. Thanks Lynette. Spencer didn't go in the water either even though it was very calm. Maybe next time... xx

  7. What gorgeous scenery....I love the pic of Spencer and Chris facing the sea with your caption..."son"! Too cute! I love your hills, they're steep but not scary steep like a sharp incline. I'm afraid of heights when it's too steep but I could have handled that and the views were so great!
    A dog friendly pub...that's wonderful! I may just have to move over there! Here you can't even let your dog off the leash. I go where no one lives and let my Rottweiler off. I'm old now and I certainly can't run and keep up with her. Big dogs need to run. I do have a nice big yard and I throw a frisbee for her but running days are over! LOL! Doesn't Spencer's breed like water? When he gets big he'll throw things in the water and he will "retrieve" them! LOL! He'll make his mama proud!


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