Monday, 2 April 2012

My Mum's Knitted Tea Cosies

Gosh I just can't believe it's April already!

 Where is the year going? Slow down!

Today I just had to show you some of the lovely knitted tea cosies that my Mum makes......

I think I mentioned before that my Mum is a very crafty lady. She is always making something -  sewing, knitting, tapestry.......tea cosies, aprons, bags, bunting, knitted cardigans and jumpers.....

So here is a selection of her lovely knitted tea cosies...

Some are my Mum's own design, some are from or adapted from patterns....

Here they are....


For lovers of Cornishware, a blue and white striped cosy with a sweet little cup on top!

A Cosy Country Cottage cosy..... such lovely detail...

I love the little horse shoe on the door :)

and the beautiful hand embroidered detail....

This Cute Tabby Cat cosy is a real character.....

.......bit of a rough diamond?

I seem to remember he objected to sitting on that pink rose fabric...

 An adorable and a little posh White Cat cosy......

This Laundry Day cosy is so pretty...

soooo sweet baby clothes on the line.....

Tea in the garden? with this lovely Strawberries and Cream cosy...

Those strawberries look good enough to eat.....

A cuppa on a sunny day with this wonderful Sunflower cosy...

And I just love this cosy!

Because I love tea!

A piece of Battenberg cake with your cuppa?

And this is Max's favourite - he thinks it was designed with him in mind ;)

They're all lovely aren't they?

Enjoy the rest of the week - we might get snow!!

Maggie xx


  1. Oh they are all gorgeous Maggie, what a clever mother you have :)
    shouldn't pick a favourite, but I just love the cornishware one!

  2. That cottage tea cosy is beautiful! Your mum is a very talented knitter xo

  3. Oh my goodness, how wonderful! I see where you get your creative talent. They are all so wonderful, I can't even pick a favorite. The strawberries are fabulous, the tabby cat, the house -- they are just great! Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Those cosies are amazing, Maggie!!! Your mum is sooo creative :)
    - Uta

  5. Oh wow, I love them all, the detail is amazing x

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments - my Mum is so pleased :) xx

  7. I just love the Cornishware tea cosy! So simple but so cute.

    Well done to your mum!

    Fleur xx

  8. Love your tea cosy, It is really beautiful!

  9. Max is right to think that last tea cozy was made for him. He was the model, I am sure!
    Your Max looks just like our Samantha (Baby). We had her for 16 years or so. She was a diabetic cat on insulin, and lasted much longer than they gave her.
    My fav of your mum's tea cozies is the cottage one with the detailed work. Amazing! I love the horseshoe on the door. What a sweet touch.
    You are good to show off her work. You must be very proud of her.

  10. Wow! She is really talented! I wish I could knit half as good as that. I'm still a newbie knitter. I loved them all but my favorite was the little cottage. So much detail and it just made me smile. It looked like my Great Grandmother's cottage in Ireland of which I've seen pictures of only. I wish I could travel over there.
    My Mother and relatives weren't "crafty" so I taught myself when I got older. Most of them were professional and working women and didn't ever do any needlework except for one Aunt (not our side of the family) and she crocheted but that was all.
    I'll have to add "tea cozy" to my list of projects I aspire to!


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