Friday, 6 April 2012

Wild Flowers and Gardening

Gorgeous blue skies here today :)

Lately we've been taking Spencer for some lovely walks on Rodborough Common which is only a few minutes away. We've found routes near to us that we didn't know existed. One of the wonderful benefits of dog walking...

We're also getting fitter by the day and are seeing things we wouldn't have noticed before..

Like these lovely flowers on the common..

Pretty cowslips.....There's hundreds of baby ones all over the common....

I don't know the names of these but they're very pretty - does anyone else know what they are?

As we are walking up there most days, it's lovely to see the little changes happening...

And of course, Spencer loves his walks....

He's so gangly when he runs now... it's hilarious - he's all legs! (Spencer not Chris!) :D

 That's Rodborough Fort in the background. We are very gently increasing Spencer's walks from week to week as we don't want to overstretch him but we're looking forward to taking him on the circular walk that leads around the Fort.

It's going to be a gardening day for us today...must make the most of the sun before those cold wintry showers return....

Last week, Chris assembled our new little greenhouse..........

And I planted some seeds - veggies - tomatoes, peppers, squash, courgettes and some flowers -nemesias, rudbeckia, geraniums, mesembryanthemums...

Whilst I was seed planting, Chris was busy preparing our veggie patch......

toiling away... he gets all the best jobs! ;)

Today we're planting our veggies :)
.....carrots, parsnips, leeks and potatoes.....

I'll keep you infomed if anything grows!

That should be a 'when' not an 'if' - must think positive - of course they'll grow!

Have a lovely Easter!

Maggie xx


  1. Wonderful!I love wild flowers. The cowslips are gorgeous - I'm waiting patiently for mine to come through. The other flowers are violas - perhaps dog violas? - and the white ones possibly wood anemones. I shall go and consult my wild flower books! Thanks for sharing Maggie. Kim x

  2. What a lovely day you're having (it's very cold here), Spencer looks like he loves his walks, I love walking our dogs and watching them running and sniffing it looks so much fun exploring! Good luck with the seeds, I'm sure you'll soon be tucking into lots of home grown veg!

  3. I've heard of cowslips but had never seen a picture of one. They are lovely, as are all the flowers. And a greenhouse! How wonderful. I wish we could grow vegetables, but we have very little sun in our yard. I manage a couple of anemic tomatoes in pots, but that's about it.

    Happy Easter!

  4. Hi Maggie,
    I don't know about the yellow or the white flowers, but I do know what those little purple flowers are. They are violets! And it looks like you have some very pretty ones too.
    I am a garden lover too and I have plans to do some research-potting and planting this is week. Happy gardening! :)
    Lee Ann
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  5. Hi Maggie, I absolutely LOVE that first photo of Spencer running!! He looks so happy as if he's laughing. It looks so beautiful where you are. I had a greenhouse for a couple of years and really enjoyed growing vegetables, it's so lovely to eat fresh things you've grown yourself, I'm sure you'll be very successful and I can't wait to see pics of your bounty. :-) xx

  6. Hi Maggie!
    I popped over here from Lucy's blog. It's a cute and cozy place you have! Your pup is adorable. I can tell you are enjoying him.
    Can't wait to see how your garden grows!


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