Sunday, 5 August 2012

Suddenly Obsessed with Knitted Fingerless Gloves....


Just a word about Spencer's Sunday Hats....

Spencer wanted to let you know that he really enjoys his Sunday Hats and sends a big woofy thanks for all the support you have given him. Due to the fact that we have run out of hats for the moment, he has decided that this will now be an occasional rather than a regular feature ;) 

In the meantime, Spencer wanted to remind you of his personal favourite.....the naval officer's cap!


Yes I know it's the summer and I should be thinking about making beach bags and summer skirts.....
But some reason I've become a little obsessed by knitted fingerless gloves!
I've made nearly four pairs in the last month!
I know why it is.
I haven't done any knitting for years.
And then I found this lovely easy peasy pattern on Ravelry by Roxanne Richardson....

In fact, I found it via one of the lovely blogs I follow. But I can't remember which! So if it's your blog or you know which blog it was, then please let me know and I'll mention it here :)

You can find Roxanne's lovely easy pattern here.

It's got me back into knitting as they're quick and easy and not too daunting :)

So my first pair I gave to Chris' Mum, Dorothy, as a birthday gift. They were light green and I hope she liked them!
Since then I have made two further pairs :)

Although I must admit I haven't sewn them up yet ;)

A pink pair.....

 A lilac pair.....

 And I am currently knitting a lemon pair......

I've especially loved knitting these gloves whilst travelling about in Harvey J as I don't have to think about the pattern too much!

I thought I might add crochet flowers or pretty buttons...

Something like this but smaller!

I think we all know what everyone is going to be getting in their Christmas stocking!

Yesterday evening I decided to search for some more patterns as I felt I could try something a bit more challenging.

Not too challenging mind, just a bit of variety..

And these are a few of the lovely (easy) patterns I found.......

These sweet Seed stitch gloves with a thumb wrap by plzsendchocolate on might try these next ..... you can find the pattern here.


These gorgeous moss stitch hand warmers by Doris from I am what I knit ......

A bit more adventurous....these dainty diagonal eyelet hand warmers from Creative pretty and feminine...I love those little buttons :)

And this sock yarn looks really fun to use in this pattern from scarlettknits.........

Image hosted by

Well I think these should keep me happy for a while! On the knitting front anyway!

Just click on the links above for any of the patterns :)

Now back to patchwork for a minute......this weekend I've been completing a gorgeous snuggly flannel baby's a sneak peek....

I'm hoping to show you more when I've completed the quilt :)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Maggie xx


  1. Great ideas for fingerless gloves. Yours look great, and I really like the idea of using self-striping sock yarn. Too fun -- a sock on your hand!

  2. I love your fingerless gloves - they're very nice. Spencer looks very regal today. :)

  3. They are all so pretty Maggie...I really love the brown one! Also your little baby quilt looks so warm and cozy, can't wait to see it finished!
    Hope you have a wonderful week

  4. I think you're smart to do them know...Christmas in July! They're so pretty in all the different colors and the new patterns are lovely too.
    Yes, that is THE hat for Spencer! He looks very handsome in that one for sure!
    Oh, I love flannel and that little quilt is so precious. I can't wait to see the whole thing when it's done. You get lots done...amazing! Have a great week!

  5. I love your gloves, I have been doing them too but I decided to try and do them on 4 needles haha got myself in a right state BUT I have managed to finish one, so now I have to try and do the other, I have a feeling this is going to be a one off attempt. Spencer looks really good in that hat :)

  6. Lovely fingerless gloves. I love all your colours.

  7. Oh how I admire anyone who can knit - I seem to be all fingers and thumbs when I knit. Great idea for presents.

  8. These look so fun! Yay for fingerless gloves!

  9. Hi Maggie! How fun! I'd like some of those and they look quick and easy. Sidetracked from my sweaters again!
    Spencer looks lovely in his favorite hat. I would give him a treat!

  10. Hiya! Does the frequency of updates of your blog depend on some thing or you write blog articles when you have a specific mood or free time on that? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. Hi, Thanks for visiting! I tend to write my posts when I have time and inspiration for writing. I tend to collect photos throughout the week. I don't have a particular day or time that I write. I suppose it does depend on my mood too! Maggie xx


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