About me

So you'd like to know a bit more about me? Really?
Ok then..well, as you already probably know, my name is Maggie and I love my life and all things crafty and vintage...

I live in a lovely old hillside cottage with my partner, Chris, and little cat, Max. And now our new pupster, Spencer! See here. We are just outside of the quirky market town of Stroud, Gloucestershire. We are lucky enough to have stunning views of the Golden Valley, one of the Five Valleys on the western edge of the Cotswolds. Very conducive to my creativity!

Another thing I love - the beautiful English countryside!

I love hanging the washing out...

I have two grown up sons, Will and George, whom I adore. They have both flown the nest (almost! they're both at uni so large quantities of food and encouragement are still required...) and since then I have rekindled my passion for crafts.
Garden Quilt that I made for my sister Ros
My favourites are patchwork, quilting, crochet, enamelling...I love to try anything that involves making things! I have a small crafty business, Daisy Patchwork, where I sell fabrics and some of the goodies I make.

I have always loved old things and as a child visited many an antique fair with my Mum and Dad. Then I met my partner, Chris, who introduced me to the world of auctions and now I'm really hooked!

We love going to flea markets, auctions, fairs and car boot sales. Any treasures discovered, (if I can bear to part with them) I sell in my eBay shop, Constable Collectables. Some slip through the net though and end up on my windowsill. Mmm..

I also enjoy fresh air and gardening,all animals, movies, music and eating good food with the people I love - hopefully cooked by them too ;)
who's that cool dude picking the damsons?

Another thing I really love is our motorhome, Harvey J., although I don't like calling him a 'thing' as he really is part of the family and takes us on such wonderful cosy adventures...
Me with our beloved Harvey J
Just in case you were wondering, my blog title, Flowers in the Window, was inspired by the Travis song, and just about sums up how I feel about life - if you don't know the song, here's a clue :D :D :D

It's been really lovely talking to you,

Maggie xx

Oh I've just been reminded - a photo of Max - he likes this one as he thinks it shows off his profile well ; )
Max always has to be involved....