Friday, 2 March 2012

The Whispering Blanket

It's been a busy week with the new pupster and I must admit I haven't done much crafting. My wool-eater blanket, laid patiently on the back of the sofa, keeps whispering to me, 'When are you going to do my next round?' 
Mmm....Yes.... I know blankets can't whisper...maybe it's my conscience....

So as I haven't much of my own to share this week, this post is about some lovely things that I've found recently. 
Things that I'd like to try to make or own but haven't quite got round to yet....

I love this tutorial by Uta on her blog Paper Wool and Yarn on making envelopes by recycling pretty or interesting paper.
Can't wait to try this. I think it would be a lovely way to recycle wrapping paper or pretty paper bags.......
 Just need to find a quiet moment when Spencer is asleep ......
If you're a wool-eater fan, you can also see Uta's fabulous blanket here 

I didn't think crochet could get any better until I read Trish's blog and found this gorgeous crochet hook from the Polymer Clay Shed.....
Could this make crochet even more enjoyable?....

Susan Bates Polymer Clay Covered Crochet Hook, Size J

Ooooh a cup of tea and a Cinnamon Muffin from the recipe by Sweet Posy Dreams.... 
Mmmm...looks sweet and delicious...
.....I rather like that very pretty china plate too :)

You can find the recipe here.

I don't own a key ring at the moment - just a large bunch of keys!
 These cute fish key rings would just fit nicely in your hand I think....
They are made by the lovely Dawn and may be purchased from her Folksy shop DawnRosieAndLilyToo

Liz's beautiful crocheted rug looks so cosy and comfy to put your feet on when you get out of bed...
I can almost feel it under my toes.....
See Liz's blog Crochet in Colour as the pattern is in the pipeline :) ....

I couldn't go without giving you another glimpse of Spencer. 
His Mum Evie sent us this photo of when he was just 3 weeks old.
She's so proud of him :)

 .......tiny Spencer when he was a teeny tiny......

Isn't he just the most adorable pup?

Thank you for all your lovely comments about Spencer and my other posts.

Maggie xx


  1. I love that rug! Looks like it would be so cozy under your feet.

    Thanks so much for mentioning my cinnamon muffin. You are a sweetie!

    Have a good weekend with Spencer!

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning my envelope tutorial :)

    Oh your little Spencer is such a sweet pup!


  3. I really love the colours in your blanket. It looks really complicated but I might have a look at the pattern because I like it so much. Little pupster is just so cute!! My friend has just got a pug puppy and has asked me to knit it a little jacket/jumper because she's got no fur on her stomach and is feeling the cold. Don't think Spencer would need one, he looks so warm and cuddly!!

  4. Thanks Maggie,

    I hope to post the pattern for the striped rug in a day or two. The one for the solid color will be a few more days. Have a great week:D

  5. I love your blanket the colours are fabulous and Spencer is sooo cute!
    You have a new follower love your blog :)

  6. oh Maggie, Spencer is the sweetest little thing!!!! how adorable :)

    I love your wool eater the colours you are working up are just so wonderful and happy together! I hope you can find a little time over the weekend to work on it, but I think i'd be caught up in cuddles with Spencer too if I were you :)

  7. Great blog... its really coming along now!

    Well done xxxx love your puppy x

  8. We love all the same things! I want to find a pattern for the wool crocheted blanket as I love it! I want to make the rug, the muffins, the envelopes and I want a puppy that looks just like Spencer (don't tell my girls I said that). His baby picture makes my heart go pitter patter!


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