Tuesday, 27 March 2012

CALs - Wool-eater, Granny Rose Cushion & Poncho

Wow! What beautiful weather!

Certainly not the sort of weather to sit by the fire and crochet ;)

However that's what my subconscious seems to be telling me - I am now signed up for 3 Crochet-A-Longs!

Maybe I'm thinking of sunny days sat out in the garden with a bit of crochet?

Or away for a few days in Harvey J with something crafty to do in the evening?

Anyway somehow I have found myself signed up to these 3 CALs....

There's my ongoing wool-eater blanket from Sarah London.
I have so enjoyed making this blanket - not quite finished yet but it's getting there slowly but surely. I only need to do 2 or 3 more rows. My aim is to finish on the aqua colour I started on. My next colour is a light green.
Here it is so far....

It's funny because I only left the room for a couple of minutes to fetch the camera and upon my return, a certain young pupster had started to lay claim to my blanket......

No chance, Spencer!
Paws off...
After all those hours work, it's definitely mine.
(I mustn't weaken - he's very persuasive).

The second CAL that I would like to try is the gorgeous Granny Rose Cushion by Apple Blossom Dreams.
You can find the link to the CAL in my sidebar.

 I would love to make one of these - sooo pretty - and not such a big project after the wool-eater...

Granny Rose Cushion by Apple Blossom Dreams

The little roses would be ideal to do whilst travelling so I feel this is a definite :)

The third CAL is this fabulous Granny poncho by le Monde de Sucrette.
I've always loved ponchos (I was a 70s teenager), I love the granny pattern and also this looks like it will grow nice and quickly..

Granny Ponchos by Le Monde de Sucrette

With Cornbury Music Festival on the horizon, this poncho would be an ideal cover up when it gets a bit chilly...
Looks like another definite then.....

Well....seems like I will be attempting to make all three and picking up each one up depending on my mood.....
Nothing wrong with that...

Are you taking part in a CAL?
I'd love to hear about what you're making and your progress :)

See you again in a couple of days.
I haven't forgotten I promised you some photos of Spencer's latest adventures :)

Hope you're enjoying this wonderful weather where you are...

Maggie xx


  1. Your wool-eater blanket is lovely, Maggie! I really love the colour gradient :)
    So far I'm not participating in another CAL but I would love to join another one. Nevertheless, there are a couple of projects I'm working on right now like for example a granny square blanket with a tetris pattern for a friend.
    Looking forward to read about Spencer's adventures :)
    Sunny greatings from Germany,

    1. Thanks Uta. Would love to see your tetris blanket when it's finished :) xx

  2. I really love your blanket-can't wait to see it all finished. I'm getting a bit excited about that poncho too-I really love them and I've now added it to my (very long) list of 'Things To Do'. Spencer's paw on the edge of the blanket made me smile, my cats are always doing that!! I'm sure they think everything I make is especially for their paws. xx

    1. Thanks Eileen. Oh yes do the poncho too! It would be great to compare our creations! Aren't our animals funny - they think everything is about or for them! xx

  3. Thank you Maggie. I am glad you will be joining the Granny Rose CAL. Your blanket is beautiful and that poncho might be something I will participate in, as well. I think it would be nice for my daughter that attends a lot of music festivals. Looks like her style. :-)

    1. Thanks Astri for sharing the pattern - I can't wait to start the little roses :) xx

  4. Your wool-eater blanket is going to be beautiful, I love the colours you have chosen. I am going to do a poncho too, not sure when but it is on the list. That granny rose cushion is so lovely I must look into this I would love to make one of those too :)

    1. Thanks Linda. I would love to see your poncho as it progresses and your cushion if you decide to do that too :) xx

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