Sunday, 18 March 2012

Irish Folk Music and a Doggy Reunion

We've had a lovely weekend.

Last night, a pub nearby was celebrating St Patrick's Day with some live Irish Folk music.
The band playing was Horseplay with my very talented musical brother-in-law Bryan playing the fiddle.

By the time we'd finished our delicious pub supper (lasagne and chips - not very Irish I know!), the music was in full swing and my lovely sister Clare had arrived with a couple of pals.

Fabulous music, a cosy pub, a full tummy and good company - it couldn't get any better!

Not until song sheets were handed out and we could join in the singing - I especially loved Whiskey in the Jar!

Great fun and a wonderful atmosphere!

Earlier in the day, we had met up with some friends up on the common.

No ordinary friends....

These friends are the lovely people who had nurtured Spencer through his first 10 weeks of life.

The owners of the beautiful Evie, Spencer's Mum, and his gorgeous brother, Bear.

 So hence.... there was a reunion on the common!

Here's the brothers together!

Don't ask which is which....

Here are the boys with Mum Evie....

It was so wonderful to see them all together again :)

Spencer was so tired after playing with his brother, he slept for hours....

Quite good as when he's asleep, I can catch up on some crafting...

Last time I promised you I would show the apron I've been making.

Mildred (my mannekin) is modelling it very nicely.....
Much better than I can...

I love this cheery cherry fabric....

'What about the vintage treasures?' ... I hear you say.....

What about this very very retro 1970s bedspread!!!!.....

with its huge flowers...

The largest are about 8" wide!!

and it also has a fabulous white tassle trim....
Just what you'd expect on a 70s bedspread.....

A very different style but equally fabulous is this sunny vintage tablecloth.....

all embroidered by hand......

so pretty......

In my last post, I said I'd try to take some better photos of the cattle down my lane...

In this photo you can just see the little pony in the top left field and the Belted Galloways in the neighbouring field on the right.

And here's those Belted Galloways - I don't know about you but I think they're rather adorable :)

I just wish I could get a bit closer.....

Last but not least, a big thank you to Uta who has listed Spencer on her blog as one of her favourite things in March!

How lovely is that?!

You can read Uta's lovely crafty blog, Paper, Wool and Yarn here.

I'll be back soon with more handmade goodies (I am getting the urge to make a new quilt!) and some lovely vintage treasures!

And some more photos of Spencer of course ;)

Have a lovely week!

Maggie xx


  1. That cherry fabric is gorgeous! Love the puppy photos too! Thanks for sharing your weekend bits :D

  2. So pleased Spencer had a happy time followed by happy dreams!

    1. Thanks Bebby. He was so tired after all that excitement! xx

  3. Oh I love your apron-the fabric is beautiful. Is the design your own or from a pattern? I really like that style of apron. Spencer looks so cute with his 'other family'!! Your St Patrick's night sounds like lots of fun and a traditional Irish night (eating, drinking and singing!!) Eileen xx

    1. Thanks Eileen. The apron is from my Mum's pattern. It was a very nice pattern to make. xx

  4. Your St. Patrick's Day sounds perfect -- friends, food and fun! Love the apron and its cheerful fabric!

    1. Thanks Lynette. We had a lovely evening xx

  5. Hi, thank you for finding and following me. I love the vintage fabrics on display here, and the name of your manniquin! Galloway is a beautiful part of the country and the local towns always have great charity shops!!:)

    1. Hi Lucy, Lovely to see you here! Looking forward to reading your blog and comments on my blog in the future :) xx

  6. Amazing Puppies, very cute faces, made me want to hug them!
    (ps, I thank you for blog-listing my blog)

    1. Hi Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes those puppies are extremely huggable!! xx

  7. What a great St. Patrick's Day except for the lasagna part! LOL! I love lasagna but not on St. Patty's Day! LOL! Your pubs do sound so cozy!
    Your apron is so cute and I too love the fabric..I love anything with cherries.
    I am also loving your vintage things....gorgeous. That tablecloth is a treasure with all that handwork and it looks to be in great condition.
    I am not faking this....I also LOVE belted Galloways. When I had my little farm I looked into getting some as they are a "heritage" breed (ie; been around for centuries). We fondly refer to them as Oreo cows here! LOL! Oreos are chocolate wafer cookies with white icing in the middle in case you don't have them over there. We have some belted galloways here in a field between here and the next town. I've never seen a baby oreo though....that would be cute! Not as cute as Spencer though. How nice that they got to have a reunion! It looks like he comes from very good stock!


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