Saturday, 10 January 2015

More Scrappy Quilt Progress

In the evenings, I've been loving working on my scrappy Bright Stars quilt.

I've sewn square and HST units.....

Sewn two of these together to make these squares....forming the stars!

And yesterday evening I made 20 blocks...I laid them out and I'm really pleased that the stars stand out and I can see a secondary pattern too.

I need to make about another 20 blocks. I'm thinking of a large lap quilt to snuggle up in or a topper for a double bed maybe.

I'm really enjoying making this quilt. If you want to make it, the pattern may be found here at Michele's Sew Along.

Thanks for popping by,

Maggie xx


  1. Impressive, with some delightful fabrics.

  2. I didn't realized it was Michele's quilt...I love yours, scrappy and bright!

  3. You have made lot of progress !! It's beautiful :)

  4. Lovely star blocks! I love the bright colors and the scrappiness of it!

  5. I am just beginning my quilting journey so I am in awe of that beauty. Patchwork protection x

  6. Happy quilting new year! Evelyne from France

  7. I'm still a novice quilter but I see now how you did that so thank you. Also I too can see the stars and also the squares set on point. It's turning out great! You should be so proud of it as you are doing such a nice job on it. Thanks for the link too.


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