Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My Scrappy Hexie Quilt Progress

I started this quilt last year on holiday in France (see Scrappy Crafting in Brittany)......

.....it's one of those projects that I love to pick up and do a bit and then put away again.

It's growing slowly but surely.... I'm making it with blue scraps but adding a bit of interest with contrasting hexie flowers

I like to make smaller more manageable pieces and then sew them onto the main piece....

It's hand stitched English paper piecing...I try to have a box of hexies ready for sewing....

It's great to do whilst watching the TV, travelling or listening to my French CDs cosy by the woodburner!! 

For my paper hexies, I found some really good printable templates at Geta's Quilting Studio. They save so much time...I can't believe I use to draw around a hexagon and cut them out individually!

I'm still working on my Bright Stars scrappy quilt but I have to use my sewing machine for that...I like to have different projects to suit my mood!

Here's Max....he's been a bit off colour recently and when I took something out of the kitchen cupboard, he went straight in and made himself comfortable....

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. My next project is hexagon quilt, I am about to order the paper hexagons like you I used to cut them all out. How times have changed...

  2. I love what you've done! This is something I'd like to learn how to do one day?

  3. Those hexes are looking beautiful, especially, the yellow one is very bright and standing out :)

  4. Palavras gentis são um favo de mel, doçura para a alma
    e saúde para o corpo.(Pr 16,24)
    Amo esses tecidinhos...fico fascinada com essa maravilhosa arte, parabéns!
    Obrigada amiga, pela visita atenciosa!
    Beijo grande, Marie.

  5. Poor Max! I hope he feels better soon. Bib got into the flour/sugar/dry goods cupboard today - which is quite tricky as it contains one of those carousel shelves...It took a while to persuade her to come out!

  6. How is Max feeling? I'm hoping better. He certainly looks a little down in the photo. Don't you hate it when they can't tell you what is wrong?

    I love your hexie project! Beautiful hand-work and an excellent travel project. I agree with you on a project for different moods. Of course, I have to wonder just how many moods do I have because I have lost count of my projects. ;)

  7. Ihope Max is better...maybe he wants his own room? Or bed?
    I love hexies and making them and like you I have projects for different activities or times of the day. I'll have to go look at the templates as i only have a couple sizes. Have you ever looked at Kindred Quilts? She stopped blogging (dang it) but she is still out there and also on Pinterest. She did a star hexie quilt that I want to make some day. You would love it too. I love how you're doing yours! Your choice of fabrics and color placement is always so pretty.


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