Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Wool-Eater Blanket Completed!

So I've finally completed my Wool-eater Blanket and I am soooo pleased with it :)

I love all the colours....


....the way they graduate into each other....

I love the textures of the pattern......

More defined on the front....

......and soft and cuddly on the back......

My only dilemna now is where do I put it?!

Shall I lay it on the back of the sofa?

Or roll it neatly?

or leave it draped on the corner?.....ready to be wrapped around anyone who's feeling a bit chilly...

Maybe as a pretty topper on the bed? give an extra layer when it turns cold again....

Mmm.......somebody in the family has had their eye on my blanket for quite a while now....

NO Spencer!!'s not your new blanket!!

I haven't definitely made up my mind yet but I think my favourite place for the Wool-eater blanket is Harvey J....

It somehow adds something to those peachy pink seat covers ;) ....and nice and cosy for chilly evenings....

I've left it in there for the moment and I'm going back later to see if I still think it fits the bill :)

I hope you like my Wool-eater as much I do!

Thanks again to Sarah London for sharing this fabulous pattern :)

Maggie xx


  1. Gorgeous! And so big! I agree, it looks great in Harvey J. Honest to goodness, I was just wondering about your wool-eater today. I was poking back through your posts because I am giving you a Sunshine Award. Check my blog later today.

  2. Beautiful colors! I love making this afghan. I think it looks good draped over the couch.

  3. I'ts beautiful and would look lovely anywhere, I love this pattern, will definitely have to try it sometime :)

  4. I think it is a true work of art and needs to be displayed where it will be seen and admired! Although it looks rather lovely with a certain black contrast.....

  5. Oh your wool-eater blanket turned our so great, I love it!

  6. Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous, I really love it. I also think it could possibly look best just here behind me on my sofa :) x

  7. Very colorful! A work of art!
    I like it best rolled, but Spencer's bed is my next choice.

  8. Wow Maggie it really is gorgeous! The colours look so beautiful together! I love the way our pets always think any blanket we make is especially for them!!! Lol. I think it looks fab in your caravan and with the lovely unpredictable English weather it's always useful to have an extra blanket on hand......think you should do another one now especially for Spencer. I'm going to have a look at the pattern now. xx

  9. Absolutely stunning! I love the rainbow effect and the crochet work is really neat. Well done xo

  10. Hi, Maggie.
    Too late! Spencer has laid claim, and you know our babies always get what they want.
    I love the sight of it on the foot of the bed. It shines there.
    I also think it is quite the warm blankie for your caravan, and sure add a pop of color!
    You've done a fab job on this one, both your stitching and your choice of color graduation. Very nice!

  11. Hello Maggie, Like it? I LOVE it, such a beautiful and happy blanket. It glows with energy and will look great wherever you choose to put it. x

  12. Maggie,
    This is gorgeous. Somehow I missed this post. I've wanted to make one of these for so long. Yours is inspiring:D

  13. What kind of yarn did you use? Brand/colors

    1. I used all sorts of makes of double knitting (UK) yarn, mainly bargain acrylics. As far as the colours are concerned, I just tried to choose complimentary graduating colours next to each other. I didn't plan the colours just added which I thought looked good next to the yarn I had used in the previous row. Hope this helps! Maggie xx

  14. Where can I get the pattern for this oblong wool eater?

    1. Hi Carol, You can find the oblong pattern here:


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