Sunday, 24 June 2012

C'mon England! (Spencer's Sunday Hat)

Euro 2012.....

England v Italy.....

So we're nearly 30 minutes into the match!

No score as yet!

Spencer is watching the game intently.....

 Sporting his England hat!


  1. Well done Spencer, loving the hat :) Still no score...

  2. Oh, Spencer! You are the sweetest pup!
    Does he get any dog treats for being such a perfect hat model?

  3. Loving the hat-Well done Spencer!! Shame we can't say the same for Engand :( have a great week Maggie- hope all good with you. Don't seem to see your posts anymore. Will have to make more effort to find you xxx

  4. I don't watch football, but it would be worth it just to see Spencer in that hat. What a good boy.

  5. What a fun hat. Spence looks so serious. Maybe he is psychic and already knew the outcome?

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments! Shame about the score :( The England hat will have to be put in the cupboard for another year... Maggie xx

  7. Aw! Spencer looks awesome in his lovely hat!!! I love that he is intently watching the game!
    Our cat used to come running whenever the commercial with the horses pulling the chuckwagon would come on. It was so funny as it was a dog food commercial!
    You never know.

  8. I can't seem to catch up! But look at Spencer! So big! And the hat...what a hoot!
    So, who won? I watch football here in the Fall but I'd have to have cable to watch soccer and I don't have that subscription. I like it though. It's a fast action game.


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