Thursday, 16 January 2014

Blue Sky Catch Up

In between all the rain we've been having here, we managed to catch some blue sky whilst walking Spencer up on the Common.....

Last Friday, we went to a local auction viewing and then bid online in the comfort of our home. Those auction rooms can be drafty places at this time of year!

I won these two boxes of costume jewellery which we've been sorting and untangling ever since! I've kept a few pieces for myself but I'm looking forward to taking some pieces to sell at the next flea market at Malvern.

George's Aran jumper is coming along nicely....

....and this is a patchwork quilt that I am making for a gift. It's been fun to make. I'll show you more when I've completed it.

I'm pleased to have learnt that Sainsbury's own brand toiletries are now Cruelty Free and are BUAV approved.

I hope they're working to get their household products approved too. I'll keep you posted.

That's all for now.

Thanks, as always, for popping by.

Maggie xx


  1. That quilt you are making is fun, so much to see on it!
    Love your new picture in the right corner, by the way...:-).
    Mirjam xxx

  2. I do love your hat Maggie, I used to wear a cap but sadly don't seem to have it anymore! I never been to the Malvern flea, would be interesting to hear about that. Your quilt is rather amazing, interesting fabrics! Heather x

  3. Your quilt is looking very nice and colorful!!

  4. Hello Maggie! Oh, that jumper is absolutely GORGEOUS! You are so good!
    The quilt looks cozy and is very bright and inspiring, too!
    I'm glad cute Spencer had a blue-sky walk!

  5. Very nice jumper! I love the work you put into it with the cables running through it. The quilt is lovely too! have a nice weekend,

  6. I'm really impressed with your Aran jumper. Lucky George - he'll be nice and warm.
    Love from Mum

  7. The jumper is lovely, it's nice to see the sky is still blue after all that rain have fun looking through the boxes of treasure

  8. Gorgeous makes Maggie and I love your aran knitting...I'm planning to do some myself as I haven't made an aran jumper for quite a long time.
    What a box of treasure you have there...definitely wise to bid from the comfort of home too!
    Happy Sunday!
    Susan x

  9. Gorgeous blue sky! I haven't seen many of those lately. Your Aran knitting is looking great.
    Marianne x

  10. Thank you for comforting me with the loss of my father.

    He would have been very fond of the birds in your patchworkquilt. Where did you get the fabric with the birds on it? I especially like the red one: "kardinaalsvogel" in Dutch. I cannot find the English translation for it. What do you call it?

  11. Perfect weather for a walk and Spencer looks like he is in heaven! Looks like you found a pirate's treasure with all the jewelry. What fun! And George's Aran jumper - wow! Such beautiful detail!

  12. Aran- oh my! I have never managed to get my head around Aran patterns, Fairisle I can cope with , but cables and such...completely beyond me! We have sun this morning, what joy.

  13. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  14. What a lovely post...and that quilt WOW!

  15. Oh, would my daughter ever go nuts over all that old jewelry! She is an art teacher and makes her own jewelry on the side and sells it. She didn't get it from me as I am a "bare bones" type of person....not a piece of bling on me at all. I used to wear rings but with the RA I cold never be sure if I could get them off if I wore them so I stopped. I wore some when I worked but now I never go anywhere so why bother.
    Wow can you ever knit! Look at that gorgeous sweater/jumper! And another pretty quilt. Look at Spencer out there running...what a big boy he is now. Thank you for asking about Nitty, she's doing really well and today at noon takes the last of the antibiotics. She's such a good sport about it all and gentle as lamb letting me stuff my fingers down her throat...but she does get a little cheese and hot dog afterwards to reward her for her cooperation. Cold and windy here but the sun is shining so that's nice. I'm doing hexies, did I tell you? Trying hard to get back into sewing and quilting...
    I have plenty of WIPs but need to give my dining/sewing area a thorough cleaning and reorganizing so I can sit down and just sew instead of spending forever looking for my supplies. LOL! Take care and congrats on the jumper...really cool!


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