Sunday, 12 January 2014

Harvey J Mug Rug

With all the cold and wet weather we've been experiencing, I always long for the Spring when it's warm enough to take a trip in our motorhome, Harvey J.

There's such freedom and relaxation from travelling around and stopping where we like. We've found there's always something interesting to do or see wherever we go. It's all about making the best of the place we find ourselves in. And if it's raining, we can either put on our waterproofs and take Spencer for a walk in the rain or batten down the hatches, enjoy a good book, do some crafting, Chris might play his guitar or we can have a snooze.....

 Good times.

One of my favourite blogs is Sandy's QuiltinCats. 

Sandy travels around the United States with her husband and their four cats in their motorhome. I love seeing the photos of the places they visit, reading about their adventures and seeing the beautiful hand stitched quilts Sandy makes whilst travelling.

Last year, I saw that Sandy was making these gorgeous mug rugs in the form of little caravans. 

Look at the little cat's face in the window!

Unbelievably cute! 

Of course I had to ask Sandy if she would make me one in the form of our Harvey J! 

I was so thrilled when she agreed :)

Sandy asked me to send a pic of Harvey that she could work I sent this one.....

........with the added bonus that it featured Chris and Spencer!

When my mug rug arrived all the way from Oregon.....I think I remember the parcel was postmarked Seaside which sounded so lovely......I was so pleased with my precious Harvey J mug rug......

I had requested the gorgeous red and aqua colours and Sandy had added so many wonderful details.........

.........the beautiful embroidery.....

.......including Harvey J's name......

Sandy even put two little tea cups and a rose in the window as she knew we were newly weds....

...and the little heart door sweet is that!

The mug rug is kept in Harvey J during the summer but I don't use it as a mug,'s far too lovely.....I hang it in the window so everyone can see it!

I have brought it indoors now so we can enjoy it during the cold weather too...Now the Christmas decorations have been put away, I have hung it above the kitchen's a wonderful reminder that in a few months, the weather will be warmer and Harvey J will be taking us on some more cosy adventures....

Thanks again Sandy.

To visit Sandy's blog, QuiltinCats, please click hereand for Sandy's Etsy shop, where she sells her beautiful hand stitched items, please click here.

Here's one of the adorable mug rugs that she has for sale at the moment....

......again such wonderful detail,,,the bunting, bunny, the little door hanger...if you click the photo, it should link direct to the listing on Etsy...

Thank you for visiting....hope you're keeping cosy and warm.

Maggie xx


  1. It must be so terrific to have 'a Harvey' to go camping!
    I love your mug rug, it looks so cosy and sweet....
    Love from Mirjam.

  2. How lovely! it's beautiful, sandy is very talented I love her stuff, so much detail, amazing. :)

  3. I love the mug rug - so cute. I can't wait till we can visit our campsite too - we have so much fun there. :)

  4. I would love to get a van like that. Are they hard to drive? Are they gas guzzlers? The ornament/mug rug is precious and it looks just like Harvey J. I would be looking forward going out too if I had a van like that. Sandy does a beautiful job on her"campers". Really cute!

  5. That is absolutely beautiful. Lucky you!

  6. Thank You Maggie for the wonderful review and for featuring my shop! You are so sweet! I'm so happy your are enjoying your Harvey J mug rug. I love the first picture you posted. What a great looking spot and Spencer looks very happy.
    I'm with you. I long for warm spring weather and more traveling. We will stay in this area for one more month. Fingers are crossed that the weather will cooperate and we will head back to the coast before heading north.

  7. darling blog! love your travels and your darling mugrugs. thanks for your comment on the french roses quilt. it was a fun one to make. if i can do it, anyone can! yes, the image is from mucha!! keep up your great work!! all the best.

  8. Oh my gosh, the mug rugs are awesome! What a fun blog you have. :)

  9. The Harvey J mug rug is adorable. Sandy is very talented. I haven't visited her blog lately; thanks for the reminder to visit her!

  10. How pretty they all are. I love Harvey J the most. I tell Michael all the time that I want a camper...a drivey one. Meaning I don't want to have to get one that has to be pulled by a truck. Maybe one day.


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