Sunday, 17 June 2012

Spencer's Sunday Hat - the Vintage Railwayman's Hat

So amongst his vintage collections, Chris found this wonderful 1960s railwayman's hat.........

Just to fill you in, Chris has a small collection of railway items. His Grandpa worked for the Great Western Railway/British Rail for 50 years through both the First and Second World Wars.

Spencer was gazing at the hat longingly....I knew he wanted to wear it to show you :)

......or it could have been that it looked like something good to chew!

So here he is.....handsome as ever......

'Tickets please'.
'Next train due on Platform 2 at 4pm....'

It really suits him don't you think?

'First Class carriage at the front of the train'.
'May I help you with your bags, Miss?'

I'm sure travelling by British Rail would have been so much more enjoyable if Spencer had been an employee :)

'Change at Swindon for London Paddington, Madam'.
'Phew, time for my tea break now'.

Cuteness personified, eh?

'All aboard'.
'Mind the gap, Sir'.

Have a wonderful Sunday :)

Maggie xx


  1. Lol. Looking good Spencer !! Maggie you have made my day :) have a lovely Sunday, Dawn xx

  2. He liiks so cute!
    ( with and without hat!)

  3. All aboard and all adored! He's a good boy!

  4. Spencer certainly suits that hat lol :)

  5. That Spencer! He's such a cutie. I look forward to seeing him every Sunday.


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