Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year's Resolution Number One-Boogie Woogie Piano

This year, I haven't made the usual resolutions about losing weight, doing more exercise, improving my hand writing (yes, really) although it would be very nice to achieve these!
New Year's Resolution Number One for 2013 is to learn to play the piano, Boogie Woogie style!
Something similar to Jools Holland would be nice! 
(Photo-Royal Albert Hall website)
In my dreams, eh?
Jool's piano playing has always totally inspired me. I love his playing and I watched a brilliant BBC tv programme about him the other week titled, 'My Life in Music'. 
I had piano lessons as a child and have always felt very lucky to have had the opportunity to play this wonderful instrument. Sadly though, I gave up playing when I was about 16, as many youngsters do.
Up until recently, I hadn't played at all. But then, a couple of years ago, my lovely Chris presented me with a fabulous digital piano for Christmas!  Of course, I couldn't wait to start. I enjoyed playing many old tunes that I remember performing as a child. Since then, I've gained a stock of sheet music but sadly my enthusiasm has waned...
Then I saw the Jools Holland programme. He chats about going to music lessons and I can really relate to what he said. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my piano lessons as much as any other child but I have always found playing from sheet music rather restrictive. I admire the pianists that can reel off some amazing tune without any music to follow.
I remember a girl in my class at school (back in the 70s) playing her own awesome version of Boomtown Rats' 'I  don't like Mondays'. Rather appropriate for a class of girls who would rather be anywhere else but in class! She played with no sheet music. She just sat down and went for it. The whole class was speechless. And I've always remembered it.
After seeing Jool's programme, I thought why not? Maybe I could play without music?  There's nothing to lose by having a go!

Well, I've made a start. Chris found me some You Tube tutorials and I'm currently working on my left hand chop! I'm loving it. I'll keep you updated on how I'm progressing. It's early days and I know I have to practise lots and lots but I'm very enthusiastic!


'If it ain't got that swing, it don't mean a thing'......

I'll be working on that too!
If you're a Jools Holland fan and missed the tv programme, you can watch it on BBC iPlayer by clicking here.

I would love to hear if you have any New Year resolutions - please let me know all about them by leaving a comment.

In the meantime, I'm off to practise my Boogie Woogie piano!

Maggie xx


  1. Hello Maggie,
    Go for it! I always wanted to play the piano but we were seven girls and it just wasn't parent's couldn't afford it. I did manage to do ballet though for five years.... and I loved it!

    Pop into my blog when you can please ...there is a surprise waiting for you!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Parcel is on its way Maggie! I sent it this morning.

      A xx

  2. Yay Maggie, Good for you. Wishing you all the very best. And congratulations!! (You will soon know why)

  3. Hello Maggie,
    Just found you on the Quilting bloggers website and loved your cheery posts with all the pictures of your family (especially Max and the pupster) I was interested to read that you live only about 45mins from me, I agree completely about the Golden Valley, my daughter lives in Gloucester so on trips with her I have the pleasure to travel through those beautiful views. I saw the Jools Holland programme and like you love his style of music (though sadly do not have any musical talents )Isn't quilting & knitting just great for sitting in the countryside with? We are Caravanners (we used to have a motor home but 'outgrew' it!)so my projects can be well travelled. I will be popping by from time to time to see what you are up to and if you are interested you can always call by my blog at Monkey Business and Quilts.
    bye for now

  4. I hated my piano lessons with a passion. I hated practicing. I hated the teacher. I could not wait for them to end. The only thing I hated more were my ballet lessons.They were even worse. My mum had waited for a daughter and all I wanted to be was a tomboy! What a disappointment. Good luck with your playing. Enjoy x

  5. That sounds like a fun resolution! Beats diets and cleaning by a long shot. Have fun and I hope to see your video playing the piano.

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