Monday, 27 February 2012

Introducing Spencer the Puppy

I just couldn't wait any longer to share this with you!

Introducing Spencer....

Our new 10 week old pupster....

We just brought him home today..........

And he's already settling in well.......

His Mum Evie is a Golden Retriever.....

His Dad Freddie is a Flat Coated Retriever......

What a combination!

So adorable.....

Sooooo sweet.......

Such fun.....

So very very soft and cuddly.....


Soooo huggable.....

The excitement of the day has worn him (and us) out and he's now asleep at our feet.....

How cute is that?

Just had to share this with you!

Maggie xx


  1. Oh Maggie, he is just adorable! Such fun to have a puppy! What a great name, too.

  2. Sweet pup and he really does look like a Spencer!

  3. Looks like trouble!! But I am sure you will have lots of happy walks together!

  4. Ahh! Love dogs. They are such good company and so loyal! Spencer looks like he'll be such fun and follow you everywhere (best kind of dog). Kim x

  5. He's gorgeous:)
    I had a golden labrador for 18 years, she grew up with the children and was just like another baby!

  6. gorgeous! He's beautiful and already looks at home. Enjoy all his puppy days. :-)

  7. Oh my gosh. Spencer is just so stinkin cute. I love puppies and retrievers. I've always wanted a golden retriever. We lost our 2 dogs last year. They were both 15 yr old. We are waiting awhile before we get another. I'm hoping for a retriever.
    You pics make me want one now.


  8. awwww. what a cute puppy! I want to squeeze him :)

  9. Maggie, Spencer and all the other animals in your house are adorable.. I hope he grows up into a happy, furry obedient doggy with a nice healthy cold nose... and that was refering to Chris!!!

    Take good care and enjoy

    Sending you a happy sun filled weekend xxxxxx helen x

  10. I'm trying to catch up and have fallen terribly behind because certain blogs weren't showing up in my reader but now I am just going by my list so I don't "misplace" anyone! In fact, thank you for commenting on my blog regardless of the fact that I didn't return the favor (shame on me!). I know I have tried to reply to your comments and the email always comes back "undeliverable". So sorry Maggie as your blog is a fav I just misplaced it! LOL!
    I remember this post as who could forget this cute guy! He's probably all grow up now so I will take my time going through your blog posts until I catch up. Again, I apologize! It's been so long since I've cuddled with a puppy and I love that wonderful puppy smell. I love the picture of him fast cute when they're sleeping....and harmless then too! LOL!


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