Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Catch Up

Just a little Sunday catch up.

It's been a bit milder here for the last few days but just over a week ago we had some snow. It lasted just long enough for a few families to get some sledging in on the hill opposite :) 

My hands often get cold even indoors whilst I am working so I bought these beautiful wristwarmers from bebbyjumpers to keep them warm.

You can probably see my wool-eater blanket tucked under there. I have now finished the 11th's getting quite large now at 44" by 26" and it's very cosy :)

I've so enjoyed making this nautical themed patchwork baby quilt for my sister Ros. I love the thought that a new little baby will be snuggled under it or having fun playing on it :)

And look at these lovely vintage Laura Ashley curtains I found last sweet......I love the bears in the wheelbarrow best :)

I was so thrilled when I found this fabulous vintage French casino card shoe.....I have this in mind for a certain person's birthday present ;)

I've really enjoyed this little catch up -  hope you have too!

See you soon.

Maggie xx


  1. Yay I love your Sunday catch ups...and the finished baby quilt is amazing Maggie-they will love playing on that i'm sure. Still haven't attempted the wool eater.....where does my time go :/.....look forward to next Sunday then! Dawn x

  2. Thanks Dawn. I know what you mean about the time - too many projects, too little time :)

  3. I so love the colours of your wool-eater blankie :)
    And the patchwork quilt is definitely a master-piece!

  4. I love that patchwork blanket, and the wool eater blanket is soooo beautiful ~ full of amazing colours, and the vintage fabric is great too! Oh and the wristwarmers are incredibly pretty too!

  5. Hi Maggie,
    So glad you found me. I added you to my blog list so I can keep up with you and your beautiful projects like the Wool eater. It is beautiful. I've wanted to start one forever.
    Have a great week,

  6. Thanks for your lovely compliments :) xx

  7. Hi! I loooove the colors of your wool-eater! So very pretty! also like your wrist warmers. Very nice!

  8. Thanks Trish. Actually the wristwarmers were made by bebbyjumpers - the link is above. Maggie xx

  9. The wool eater is coming along beautifully! I just love it!


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