Friday, 3 February 2012

Crafty Stuff and a Plymouth View

Hope you've had a nice week.

I thought you might like to see the crafty stuff I have been doing recently.

But first, I thought I'd show you a couple of photos taken last weekend. I spent a lovely couple of days in Plymouth with my son, Will.

We took the little ferry over to the Mount Batten peninsula.

Mount Batten Tower

Taken from Mount Batten, Plymouth Hoe can be seen in the background with Smeaton's Tower just above my shoulder.

Staying overnight in student accommodation was made all the better by a lesson from Will in how to make Banana Tarte Tatin....Mmm... served with ice was delicious...:D

And now to the crafty stuff..

My sister's niece is expecting a little boy soon and my sister asked me to make a nursery quilt with a nautical theme - lots of little boats, anchors, stripes and dots in red, white and blue....this is the top so far....

My wool-eater blanket is progressing slowly - I've done 9 rounds and I'm pleased with the result so far :)  and it keeps me warm in the process! ...although I'm well behind schedule - I should've done at least 13 rounds by now! Oops! But I know Sarah says it's not a race so I'm not too worried......

I started another crochet project this week  - probably why my wool-eater is behind schedule - but I love the variety of having several different projects to pick up depending on my mood!!
I've just started this sweet little baby blanket which grows fairly quickly.
The pattern is called Diamond Flower by Lucy Lyons on Ravelry.

My facebook friends will know that I've been promising to make the living room curtains for quite a few months now! 
I decorated the room last summer and I bought the gorgeous Michael Miller French Journal fabric just after....
Well I have finally got round to making a start  - there are two windows - I have made one pair of curtains so far - one more pair to go ;)
Chris nearly fainted!.He was so used to me saying 'I'm gonna make those curtains this week/weekend' I don't think he believed it was ever going to happen!

....this fabric is so pretty with it's birds and pink flowers.....

I don't know what the weather's like where you are but it's freezing here.
There's a local sale on tomorrow morning and we've been pondering on whether to go and seek out some treasures.... it means an early start in the freezing cold... Brrr..
I think having a lazy Saturday morning lie in and staying cosy indoors by the fire doing crafty stuff sounds much more appealing ;)

What do you think?

Hope you're keeping warm and cosy :)

Maggie xx


  1. Hello Maggie, I'm new to your blog (courtesy of Lucy Attic24); thank you for the lovely blog and insights into your world.

    The quilt is just beautiful and I've been on to Rave to search for the "new" project this week.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. Hi Carol, Lovely to meet you and thanks for your compliments about my quilt and blog :) See you again soon, Maggie xx

  3. Hi Maggie,
    Thanks for finding my blog, so that I could find you! All your work is beautiful! I am a novice crocheter, so I really admire your work on that, and the quilt for your sister was fabulous. So glad to be a new follower!

    Lynette - Sweet Posy Dreams

  4. Hi thanks for the comment on my blog. The scavenger hunt is from a blog called Postcards from the Paradise Penisula or P.P. any way a monthly list is provided, then you go about your month taking pictures or trying to find where to take pictures that are on the list. You see some very interesting interpretations of pictures, like once you see it, why didn't I think of that. It fun, I did participate a couple of months last year, this year I'm trying to participate in all 12 months. I haven't gotten to work on my wool-eater due to an obligation, but when that is over I'm back to try to catch up. I really like how your wool eater is progressing, lovely colors.


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