Thursday, 26 January 2012

Retro Crafts with Vintage Stitchcraft Magazine

 A couple of weeks ago, a local lady asked me if I crocheted baby shawls. I told her I hadn't as yet but would have a look for a pattern. I mentioned this to my Mum who is a very crafty lady. She suggested having a look through her box of Stitchcraft magazines for something suitable.

I don't whether any of you remember Stitchcraft but for those who don't, it was a monthly craft magazine with patterns for all the popular crafts - knitting, crochet, cross stitch, tapestry etc.

For me, Stitchcraft brings back loads of lovely childhood memories of sitting in front of the fire or out in the garden leafing though these fabulously crafty magazines.

Having three daughters, my Mum would always be sewing dresses and skirts and knitting cardigans and jumpers for my sisters and myself. When it came round to my turn to have something knitted, the box of Stitchcrafts would be fetched from the cupboard under the stairs and I would search through them looking for a pattern that took my fancy. My Mum would sit nearby commenting on my selections with 'yes that's ok, that's moss stitch', 'that looks far too complicated', 'mmm that's got cables but that's ok'  or 'looks too fiddly' 'what kind of wool is that then?' or 'no, that's crochet'. She prefers knitting to crochet.

My Mum had always had her copy delivered every month since the 1950s until the 1980s when it was discontinued and she has kept them all. When she came to stay last week, she brought a selection for me to browse through for a pattern for the baby shawl.

I chose a quiet moment one evening, made myself a cuppa and took a trip down memory lane. I loved looking through these nostalgic magazines, so much so that I thought I'd share some of the images with you.

I loved looking at the covers, some from the 1960s............

I loved looking at the ladies' fashions and all the hair dos.....

This lady in a bobble hat looks familar....could it be Lorraine Chase?

I love this dress... wish I was slim enough (and young enough) to wear it!

Mmm not sure about these two...

This pretty shawl is gorgeous - may have to make this..

From the February 1954 copy.. always so stylish..

From a 1963 copy...... 

I loved browsing the crafts for ideas........

Sweet chicken and chicks cosies - nice for Easter...

A poodle pen holder?!

An adorable knitted elephant..

And so many cute crochet and knits for babies and children...

And of course, the male models knits for men..;)

Yes I could see Chris in this ;)

And yes, yippee, I found a pattern for the baby shawl...

Another lovely project to add to the list :)

Well I hope you've enjoyed these little snippets from the past. I certainly have.

Gosh it's Friday tomorrow - nearly the weekend - have a lovely one :D

Maggie xx


  1. Great blog - I want a tank top !!

  2. Wow, these are amazing Maggie, thanks for sharing them :)

  3. Hi Maggie i have done some baby crochet you could check my pics at lovely blog!

  4. Hi there Maggie,
    I absolutely enjoyed looking at all your magazines,
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    A big hello from California USA!!!

  5. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!! I remember all these styles...YIKES!! But I still love them all :) Wish women dressed more feminine now like they did back then.

    I just joined your blog. I found it through a comment on Attic 24.

    Look forward to seeing some more patterns.

  6. That was fun looking at the magazines. Makes me wish I had kept my mom's Workbasket magazines (USA). I have a few. Thanks.

  7. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments :D

  8. I adore all of them... so much fun had and so many memories of poms poms and ponchos.. loved the whole article.. thanks Maggie and a bigger thanks to your mum for sharing... xxx

  9. Those magazines are so fun. I know how to crochet but I really wished I knew hot to knit. Thanks so much for your comment over at my blog. I think I will definitely be looking into buying a walking foot.


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