Sunday, 22 January 2012

Beauty and the Beast and the sorting of the wools...

Hello everyone!

It's a lovely sunny day here and I feel I should be making the most of the sunshine by being in the garden or going on a nice walk....

However it's been quite a busy week. Chris is working today so I've been catching up with a few chores and looking forward to tomorrow and Tuesday when he has the two days off work. These two days will be our 'weekend' and I'm hoping we will go treasure hunting and catch the movie War Horse at our local cinema - can't wait to see it!

Not War Horse but a lovely friendly horse in the field next to where we were camping last summer.

I've had a wonderful week as my Mum came to stay. On Thursday we went shopping and lunching in town. Then, joined by my sister Clare and my little nephew Joel, we all bundled in my little car to go and see the local production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Lots of singing and dancing all in the cosy Cotswold Playhouse. The songs really brought back lovely memories of watching the film with my boys when they were was always one of our favourites :)

I'm quite a newbie to crochet but I've found my stash is rapidly expanding so much so that I've decided upon a new storage solution.

Before, my yarns were in random boxes......

and now they're neatly (well kind of) sorted and colour co-ordinated in this little chest of drawers.....

I must admit I preferred the look and randomness of the boxes but realised I was soon going to have little boxes of wool all over the house so practicality took over .... also the chest allows for more expansion :) Please note the empty bottom long is that going to last?! Especially if I make a visit to Lidl this week for their bargain yarns -

Here's my growing wool eater blanket. I'm finding it a bit challenging keeping to Sarah's schedule and have been running behind but managed to finish the 6th round last night (whilst babysitting, eating chocolate and watching Avatar) and I have just started the 7th round....

For the wool eater pattern, please see Sarah's blog

Here's another little colourful crochet project I am enjoying....

It's probably going to become a cushion....but I might change my mind about that ;)

My last post talked about 'sorting' tasks. Well, you'll be proud of me. Most of them are 'sorted'...well some of them at least..Still a little bit of office tidying....a little bit of finance organising......fabric stacking.......etc etc.......Trouble is I'd much rather be crafting :)

I'm hoping to get my sewing machine out this week. There is some rag quilting on the cards. I've been collecting some gorgeous brushed cotton fabrics.. here's one with sweet little birds...

That project will be later in the week though as I am so looking forward to spending the next couple of days doing stuff with Chris ....

So have a lovely week whatever you're doing.. Happy making, sewing, crocheting, shopping, lunching ...or whatever you have planned..or not planned...

Maggie xx


  1. Ooh, my littles and I love Beauty and the Beast! It's always been a favorite of mine, I saw it when it first came to theaters (the animated) with my mom and my little brother.

    My mother taught me to do a basic crochet when I was a child, but I've forgotten how lol. I then learned a basic knit stitch when I was pregnant with my first... but have never been very good at it ;). My husband just bought me my very first sewing machine... so here's hoping that will go better! Now to find the time between three littles, one to and from kindergarten, my jewelry business, and keeping house... there must be time there somewhere! :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Gosh I don't know how you find the time! My boys have left home now but I still don't seem to have enough hours in the day! Good luck with your sewing machine - it's addictive. I remember learning to crochet with my Mum and Nan when I was little and didn't really like it but since I tried again last year, I've been totally 'hooked'-sorry for the pun! ;) Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a lovely week, Maggie xx

  3. The blending of colors in your wool eater look amazing.
    Have fun

  4. Your crochet projects are gorgeous!! Are you starting your new colors at the corners?? Hopefully not, because your project may turn out "wonky". Always start a new color on a in the middle of that row.

    I just finished a Continuous Granny Square blanket that measures 77" x 77" and I started each new color on a side. It came out perfectly square.

    Just a suggestion :)

  5. Thanks Rene and Colleen for your lovely comments.
    Colleen - thanks for the advice re not starting the new colours in the corner - yes, I always have done that and a cushion cover I made was a bit wonky! but I won't in the future, Thanks again.
    Maggie xx


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