Monday, 24 November 2014

Tick Tock Probably Not

We've been looking after our neighbour's little jackapoo, Ozzie, for the last week. We took him for a walk on Minchinhampton Common before his mum picked him up this afternoon.

Spencer and Ozzie get on really well.

 They love zooming around the common together.

We took the walk that led us past the alpacas....

one black.....

and one white.....

....also some sheep and a horse grazing peacefully....

When we got home, Chris lit the woodburner so it was cosy and warm at home as I'm still recovering from my cold.

This evening, I've pieced some more of my hexie quilt whilst watching of my favourite films ever especially the barn raising scene...anything with Harrison Ford should make me feel better!

Later on this evening, I bid on ebay for these enamelled watch faces and won them.  Aren't they gorgeous?

I'm not going to start doing watch repairs...I'm going to display them...not sure how yet...can't wait for them to arrive...

Maggie xx

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