Sunday, 27 July 2014

I Spy Baby Quilt

A couple of posts ago, I gave you a glimpse of a quilt I was working on. Well I've now completed the quilt and here it is!.....

It's an I Spy quilt for baby Charlie......

I've so enjoyed making this quilt.....

....and Chris and I loved choosing the different fabrics and pictures together....

Lots of interesting things to see......lots of games to play........lots of fun!

I spy a horse.......I spy a tractor.......I spy Father Christmas!

I backed the quilt in this cute animal print.....

and the binding is red with white stars.....

When Charlie is a little older, he'll be able to recognise the pictures on the quilt.......

....until then I love to think of him snuggled up under the quilt....

.......or using it as a playmat for tummy time.......

My first I Spy quilt....I'm really pleased with the finished quilt.....

I will definitely be making more I Spy quilts for any future grandchildren!

I hope you like it too.

Thanks for taking the time to pop by,

Maggie xx


  1. Wow!! Very cute and amazing I Spy quilt!!:) So much fun with so many pictures. I am sure your grandson will treasure it as he grows :)

  2. I'm always amazed by your quiltmaking skills, Maggie :) The I Spy quilt is such a cute idea and it turned out great!

  3. A really wonderful idea and such a delight it is beautiful. Have a great day.

  4. visiting from anything goes monday. I love eye spy - yours looks great

  5. Also visiting from Anything Goes Mondays. Totally adorable! :)

  6. Hello there! I'm sure Charlie will love it : ) You have quite the view off that sun deck !!

  7. Great idea!
    Never heard or saw a I Spy Quilt!
    Just got through making my first quilt and now I know what I will be making next.
    It's darling and Charlie has a grandma who loves him.

  8. Oh my goodness this is the cutest idea and quilt I've ever seen! This would have been as much fun to make as it will be for Charlie to play with - such happy memories! Chrissie x

  9. What a lovely gift. I spy! FUN! I think grown ups would like one of their own. I would!

  10. So cute Maggie x

  11. That is a great idea, and right away I can think of someone to make a similar quilt for. I can see how picking out the fabrics would be a lot of fun.Good job!

  12. I love that quilt! It turned out so cute! This is going on my list of "quilts to make" which is getting really long!

  13. this is one of the most prettiest quilts I have ever seen.
    such a good idea with the Is spy logic


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