Saturday, 18 May 2013

Blue Skies and Holiday Blocks

Hooray for beautiful blue skies......

 blossom on the apple tree.......

and gorgeous purple aubretia.........

Doesn't the sight of them just give you a boost?!
Last weekend we took a short break away. It was our first trip out in Harvey J this year.
Best of all......I got to drive!!

We found a lovely quiet campsite near Leominster. There were beautiful views....

and lots of space for Spencer to run around.....

He even found a doggy friend to play with. Spencer made us laugh as when he had had enough of playing, he would dive under the van where the other dog (who was bigger than him) couldn't reach him!
The weather was ok, quite cold, so I made some time to make a block for my holiday quilt. I made a simple template, cut out heart shapes and hand sewed them onto squares. I tried to keep to reds and blues. It was very enjoyable :)

I sewed the squares together on my machine back at home.....and this is the completed block...

I have another block to show you from my holiday in Devon last month. I had trouble with the centre and have unpicked the stitches and resewn it a couple of times. It's still not perfect but it was getting to the stage where it was going to end up in the bin or out the window!
So please don't look too close!
The block is called Clay's Choice, Star of the West.....and several other names (besides what I called it!).......

I had to show you this pic of our neighbours' donkeys......mum and baby.....who came to greet us on our walk last week.....

Down on the canal there are three little ducklings......

And the other day I made a potato and spinach frittata....never made one before and it was surprisingly nice!

I'm finishing this post with a burst of flowery loveliness....our azalea :)

Happy crafting 'til next time :)
Maggie xx


  1. Thank you for sharing the lovely spring happenings in your part of te world. And, too, thanks for sharing your pretty blocks. I will be watching to see how you finish them off.

  2. Gracias por compartir esa primavera y tus mascotas y bellos trabajos manuales.Cecilia

  3. Hi Maggie!
    I love your color combinations today!
    Spencer looks like a happy country pup!

  4. Love your blocks and walks, good to hear from you again!


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