Saturday, 4 May 2013

Red Apple Mini Quilt

When I go on holiday, I like to take a few crafty supplies so, if  I have a spare minute, I can make something. I also like the added benefit that whatever I make will remind me of the holiday :)
If we take a walk around a town when we're away, Chris and I love to browse the charity shops. I always take a look at the book section to see if I can find anything crafty that takes my fancy. On holiday in Devon a few weeks back, we were taking a stroll around Tavistock and I found this book which, in addition to being a quilt book, looked perfect for quickish holiday projects....

It dates back to 1997 and some of the projects are a bit dated but there's plenty to keep me happy for a while.
When I've found a book on holiday, I love to go back to where we are staying (could be Harvey J or a hotel/bed & breakfast), make a cuppa and browse through my new book. Chris is the same. He often finds an interesting book on woodwork, picture framing, militaria or something similar....We then become totally absorbed in our books for an hour or two....
Having dug my stash of fabrics out of the suitcase (yes I take my stash on holiday..) and having given the book a good browse, I decided I liked the look of this Apple mini quilt project. This is the photo from the book....

I knew mine would be different as my fabrics were mainly pretty florals.  I didn't have all the materials I needed but I knew I could at least make a start......
It was lovely to make.....lots of hand sewing.....very relaxing......
Chris said at one time the maid appeared to clean the room, looked aghast when she saw all the fabrics strewn over the bed. He told her there were several patchwork projects in progress and that she didn't need to make the bed this time! Not quite as embarrassing as the egg box cable car incident from my childhood.....anyone who has a little sister may have had a similar experience but that's a story for another time....
I didn't have any wadding or buttons with me in Devon, so I knew I would have to complete my mini quilt at home. And that's what I've been doing for the last couple of hours....
So here it is....

My Red Apple Mini Quilt......nice and's already hanging on the wall in my kitchen :)
I really enjoyed making it and I'm definitely going to make some more projects from this book. I might even get really inspired and design some of my own!
Happy Crafting!
Maggie xx


  1. Your mini-apple quilt is adorable, Maggie!

  2. Its delightful Maggie and a great idea for the kitchen. I imagine it is also good for using up scarps of fabric and bits.

    My goodness but blogland is such a creative place LOL!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. Your mini quilt is gorgeous! I love the fabrics you used; much more cheerful then the one in the book....
    Love, Mirjam.

  4. Maggie, oh these are so cute and way to go girl!! You were on the road and prepared too! Thanks for your kind comments and support from my blog Good Earth Quilting! Do you ever get anywhere near to Chinley in Lancashire? My family hails from there about 55 years ago!

  5. The mini quilts are soooo precious! I need to rethink and re-shrink some of my wall hanging ideas.

  6. I love yours even better than the one in the book! I'm thinking along those same lines as soon as I finish some WIPs. I'm tired of big projects and would like to see something quicker for my efforts and I do love handwork. thanks for the inspiration....yours is so precious!


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