Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Finish....Spencer's New Quilt!

Before we get to the important subject of Spencer and his new's some gorgeous autumnal colour...taken at my parents' house....

 So a couple of posts ago, I showed you one of my WIPs...some blocks made from fabric scraps that my Mum had given me.......I had pieced the scraps randomly to make crazy blocks for Spencer's quilt...

Well I'm pleased to say that I've now finished Spencer's quilt and it's being used every day!

I love to make something useful from fabric scraps.....

I used an old thick cotton sheet for the backing....

Wait for it, Spencer!

It was too thick to quilt so I tied it with wool.....

Here you go then, Spencer......

Is it comfy?

Yes, I think so....

Is it making you feel sleepy?

Yes you can just lie there and look cute!

 Sweet dreams....

Thanks for popping by,

Maggie xx


  1. It is amazing what you can make out of scraps, the dog bed looks stunning.

  2. Charming dog received a wonderful quilt. Sweet dreams Spencer.

  3. You know, I'm not sure how I met you... naturally, thru the Internet with our similar love of quilts! But I must tell you, you made my day today! I love Spencer's quilt (we love our 2 dogs and our cat, "Sarge", too). But best of all I loved that you tied it with wool! That was the ONLY way my Grandma taught me to make a quilt and to this day, many of the baby quilts I give as gifts are made like that! And, just yesterday I sort of finished a baby quilt to give as a gift and it turned out a little bit "wabberjocky" - kind of off kilter if you will. But you know what? That sweet little baby boy won't know that the binding isn't exactly spot on in the corners, and he will cuddle and laugh and coo while he plays on it as a floor mat. Isn't that right? Once it is stitched with love, that's all there is to say! So enjoy your blog! Let's keep in touch! Karen - a grandma in Chardon, OHIO USA

  4. what a lovely padded quilt for Spencer! the things we do for our pets! lovely dog X

  5. I love it. Spencer looks like he loves it too. I wish Alfie could have a cute quilt, but he would tear it up. He's so naughty.

  6. Lucky Spencer. I can't believe you made it from scraps. It really is lovely. Isn't it amazing the lengths we go to to make our pets happy? It's so worth it though, isn't it?

  7. LOL! Spencer looks so patient while he waits for you to finish taking photos. He also looks like he is very happy with new quilt. It will certainly get plenty of use and loving. Such a wonderful gift!

  8. Spencer is one lucky fella'. haha. Beautiful work Maggie!

    Oh and those leaves. They don't look real!

  9. Gorgeous Spencer ...don't you just love your gorgeous quilt. I think he does!!!! Great great idea and so thrifty!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  10. I'm so sorry I haven't been over here.....what a crazy Fall it's been. Ihave to catch up with you and first of all I LOVE the quilt!
    You do such a great job on what ever you tackle. I love the materials too...scraps are really nice at your house. You can tell Spencer loves it too.
    Beautiful Fall colors which are fading fast here. I can't wait to catch up on your farmhouse!


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