Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Pretty Cotton Zakka Ribbons

Well my laptop is fixed at last and the horrible 'trojan' has gone!

To change the mood, today I want to show you these lovely cotton ribbons I have recently started selling. 

They have a simple natural Zakka feel...


They're lovely aren't they?

They can all be found on my ebay shop here.

And my Etsy shop here.

Or just email me at

Maggie xx


  1. All are soo cute Maggie. The little red riding hood is my favorite!

  2. Very pretty ribbons, such cute designs. Glad you got rid of the horrible trojan :) xx

  3. I love them too! I take it you don't ship overseas? I went to your Ebay shop and it was all pounds not dollars so I assumed you don't but thought I'd ask just in case. I don't need to be spending any money anyway but I did like some of your Laura Ashley material and it just seems that I love everything English! I think my relatives are calling to me from beyond! LOL! I wonder if you could use those ribbons as shelf edging too? Wouldn't that be cute? Give Spencer a nice pat for me...he's such a cutie pie!

  4. These are darling! I like the little birds, the message is spot on! :)


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