Thursday, 27 June 2013

Over the Old Stone Wall....

Poor Chris had a dentist appointment yesterday morning so I dropped him off and then took Spencer for a run on Minchinhampton Common. This is just down the road from Spencer's usual walk on Rodborough Common. I've followed this path a couple of times before. It leads along a lovely old stone wall......
The weather was just right....warm with a lovely breeze....the cows were looking sleepy and peaceful.....

I'm usually busy throwing the ball for Spencer, making sure he doesn't go near the cows or roll in anything horrid so I don't always take much notice of what's on the other side of the wall. There's a couple of fields and a cricket pitch. But this time something caught my attention.......

As I drew closer, fluffy little heads popped up.....

And I saw adorable alpacas with their young......all different colours....

The youngsters were very inquisitive and one even came skipping over...

They look very cuddly but in my experience they're not the easiest animals to handle!
I was happy to chat with them from the other side of the wall. Yes...I always chat with animals....

Did you spot the baby hiding in the grass?
Maggie xx


  1. So cute! They produce such lovely fleece for yarn. So soft!

  2. I'm sure they enjoyed a lovely chat with you, the little ones are so cute with such pretty faces. Hope Chris' appointment was pain free :) xx

  3. Oh....I love the alpacas!! So adorable!! What a lovely place to live.

  4. Oh what a treat to see the alpacas! They are the cutest things!

  5. How cute those are! Thanks for sharing the pictures. This is a lovely spot to go for a romp, even without a dog. If I had something so beautiful nearby, I would be tempted to go walking every day! I have beautiful things here, but they don't tempt me out into the humidity!

  6. Hi Maggie! I see you found the Yak? on the common. I drove by him the other day and thought I must get a photo of you, he's so lovely! I haven't found the Alapcas yet though, nice to meet you, Heather x

  7. Hi Maggie, your pictures made me all nostalgic for our holiday near you a few weeks ago! When we were there we found several fields full of alpacas on our walks, but didn't realise there were some on Minchinhampton Common! We'll pop by next year and see if they're still there!


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