Sunday, 9 December 2012

Knitting and Cows

I've been busy knitting between the Christmas shopping, dog walking, making baby quilts....
I love it!

Here are the moss stitch hand warmers I mentioned last time....

Moss Stitch Hand Warmers

They're really nice to knit and didn't take long... you can find the pattern on the CreativeYarn blog here.
You may recognise the yarn - it's Robin Paintbox - the same yarn that I'm using to make my poncho (WIP - haven't picked it up for a while!)
Granny Poncho
After I'd finished the moss stitch hand warmers, I decided to try to make a cowl. I found a lovely chunky pattern on Amy's lovely blog, Fearless Homemaker. I'd been wanting to try cables as I haven't done any for years and this pattern looked just the job....
You can find the pattern here.

Chunky cabled cowl
It's lovely and cosy for this cold weather and I love the self patterning chunky yarn.
Thought you might like to see this....we were walking down the lane the other day and those cheeky Belted Galloways are back in the field...

Enjoy the rest of Sunday!
Maggie xx


  1. Your cowl turned out so perfectly, Maggie! And I love the yarn you used - just lovely. So glad you liked the pattern + it turned out wonderful for you! Cheers, Amy

  2. You have been busy! I love that cowl and the yarn, it really suits you. Those Belted Galloways are so handsome, they certainly look tough enough to stay out for the winter.

  3. Love that cow peeking out around the bush. How nice that you have been so productive. You look so cute in your new cowl!

  4. What beautiful creations! And you are just too cute!!

  5. I love the colors in both the hand warmers and the cowl. Well done! You look lovely and very warm in you cowl.

  6. I would love to learn to knit. I love the pic of the hairy cows.


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