Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Knitted Mitts and Handwarmers

Firstly thank you so much for your kind birthday wishes!

I've been off radar for a week or so as Chris and I have been feeling poorly with rotten colds. We managed to paint the hallway and put the curtains up at the front but haven't got much further than that. I promise some photos as soon as we've finished!

Whilst I've been feeling under the weather, I've been enjoying knitting some more fingerless gloves. I've also sewn the seams on the pairs I made during the summer - was it that long ago?!

So I though you might like to see them....

My lilac stocking and garter stitch fingerless mitts......

Lilac fingerless mitts

And my pink ones from the summer are now completed.....

Pink Knitted Fingerless Mitts

This is a very easy and quick pattern which you can find here.
I've been trying a new pattern with moss stitch.....in lilac...

Lilac moss stitch fingerless mitts

......and a lovely flecked yarn.......

Fleck moss stitch fingerless mitts

You can find this moss stitch pattern here.
And I just had to show you these gorgeous wristwarmers and scarf knitted by the lovely Mel of Brawlbin Crafts....I treated myself to them...they looked so pretty and they're so soft and cosy too!

Gorgeous scarf and wristwarmers knitted by Brawlbin Crafts
You can visit Mel's Etsy shop here

Gorgeous scarf and wristwarmers knitted by Brawlbin Crafts

And not forgetting these lovely handwarmers, I treated myself to earlier in the year.....knitted by the lovely Bebby of BebbyJumpers....


I wear them indoors as my hands always get so cold....
You can visit Bebby's Etsy shop here.
I've just finished knitting one mitt from a different moss stitch pattern which, if I've finished the pair, I'll show you next time.
It's just the right weather for sitting and knitting!!
Maggie xx


  1. Hope you're both feeling better now, it's horrid feeling poorly! Love your hand mitts. x

  2. They are all very cute! You did a lovely job on yours in the first pictures!

  3. hello Maggige
    All the wristwarmers and fingerless mitts are so lovely and they do indeed look really warm. Heaps of nice colours too.
    Hope you are feeling better now

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. Your wristies are looking super! Clever you! And thank you soooo very muchly for showing my wristies which you bought earlier this year! They are perfect for indoor wear! You also look really lovely in your new pretty wristies and scarf from Mel who knits really gorgeous stuff too!

  5. Hi Maggie
    Glad you are starting to feel better.
    Love the mitts. Christmas idea are hitting for next year, (sorted for this year)

  6. Muy lindos y suaves.felicitaciones.Ceci.

  7. Sorry you've been sick; hope you're feeling better soon. I can't believe you painted while sick! I really like the moss stitch mitts. The lilac ones are my favorites.

  8. What a lot of cosy,warm hands!
    The cold can come now: you are ready for winter!
    Love from Mirjam.

  9. They are all lovely. You have probably got them completed in time, we are due some really cold weather I hear!

  10. I love your wrist warmers, glad you are both feeling better
    Thea x

  11. So beautiful.^^
    Maybe follow each other???
    My Blog

  12. I love the ones in the flecked yarn - how pretty!


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