Sunday, 30 December 2012

Fabric Scrap Sorting (again), A Giveaway and George's Cowl

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas, I'm enjoying a few days relaxing, watching movies and sorting my fabric scraps!
We walked into town earlier today to return a game to Blockbusters. We took Spencer, of course, who enjoyed the walk along the canal.
The restoration has really progressed since we last walked that way.

We had lunch at the Lockkeeper's Cafe.......
 Our cafe beside the lock
I had a Stilton and Mango Chutney Panini - Mmm absolutely delicious!
And then home for more fabric scrap sorting!!
Thought you'd like to know there's a fabulous New Year's giveaway going on over at Amanda's blog Crafty in the Med.
Especially if you like crochet and yarn :)
Look! You can win this crochet book or this gorgeous yarn stash!
Click here to pop over to Crafty in the Med and enter!
...........And last but not least!
You may remember just before Christmas, I showed you a cabled cowl that I had knitted.
Here's a little reminder!
Well, I knitted one for my son, George, for Christmas, in a black and grey fleck yarn. He was really pleased with it so much so he even let me take a photo of him wearing it!
The cowl is really enjoyable to make. I'm halfway through another one for my other son, Will.
You can find the pattern here on Amy's lovely blog, Fearless Homemaker.
That's all for now.
Happy Holiday Crafting!
Happy New Year!
Maggie xx


  1. I looove the cowl on George - I never thought of making a male/unisex version but yours turned out amazing. And your son is so handsome! Hope you've had an awesome holiday season, friend!

  2. Querida bloquear predilecta: lamentablemente nunca fui buena con el inglés pero espero que gracias a la tecnología puedas comprender mis palabras.Gracias,gracias por tanta belleza,por compartir todo lo que sabes hacer y además momentos y lugares de tu vida.Se ve que eres una mujer natural y el lugar dónde habitas es de fábula. QUE ESTE 2013 llegue conocer bendiciones para ti y tu familiar te desea Cecilia.

  3. happy new year maggie! may it be a tidy and sorted one! x

  4. I love to sort! I bet you're having fun!
    CUTE cowl! It looks so bright and warm!

  5. Dear Maggie,I wish you all the best for the new year!
    You look so sweet in that picture, by the way....
    Lots of love from Mirjam.

  6. Happy New Year to you and your family!! Love the beautiful scenery and the cowl on your handsome son!

  7. Its lovely, he looks very handsome too! Have a very happy new years eve and an even better 2013 Maggie!

  8. Your scrap sorting is wonderful...I just have a "warm" and "cool" bin because I couldn't keep up with the colour sorting or size sorting. You manage your scraps so well!

  9. Hi
    I love this cowl pattern and have made several, but I particularly like this colourway of yarn used for George's one. Any chance you remember which yarn you used?

    1. Hi Twizz, the yarn was from Shaws. It was an acrylic chunky 100g ball.


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