Sunday, 27 May 2012

Spencer's Sunday Hat - well sort of........

A beautiful sunny day today...

Very hot but we've managed to get some gardening done.... I say's been more of a clearing vegetation sort of job.....a Russian vine that's been clinging to our back wall and getting larger and more intrusive by the minute.

So clearing job done, I thought I'd show you some of the flowers in my garden today.....

Pretty nemesias....gorgeous colour...

One of my favourites.....London Pride.....such sweet little pink flowers...


Pretty clematis.....I planted this a couple of years ago and I'm so pleased as this is the first year it's flowered...

Our Poached Egg Plant is spreading everywhere but it's a stunning display.....


Unfortunately I can't say the same about our little veggie patch. I planted carrots, parsnips and leeks....trouble is we can't work out which are the vegetables and which are the weeds!
We're hoping time will tell and we'll be able to recognise something!.......

Doesn't look good does it?!

I haven't had too much success in my greenhouse sad :( .....I was so excited about growing seeds again......never mind though, the courgettes, tomatoes and butternut squash grew... here they are waiting to be planted in the veggie patch.....You can see how hot it's been here...some of the leaves have been scorched..

We've had a little helper in the garden today.....Max appeared on the wall (he likes to sunbathe and have a bit of peace and quiet in our neighbour's garden)......

I'm sure he was asking if he could help ;)

Trying to help with the weeding?

Or just wanting a bit of fuss?.....

He soon found a nice cool block to supervise from!

In the meantime, Spencer hasn't been enjoying the heat much...he's been indoors keeping cool most of the day but when he did come out to keep us company, we thought we'd better help him out.......

Especially for Spencer....

Not exactly a hat...

More a hankie....

A knotted hankie to keep him cool.......


Hope you've had a great weekend :)

See you soon.

Maggie xx


  1. Spencer does pose sooo well and always shows his hat off to the best advantage! He has a wonderful profile!

  2. Oh my goodness, I laughed out loud when I saw the pictures of Spencer! Those are hysterical!

    Love your flowers, several I've never heard of. The poached egg flower is gorgeous and has the perfect name, too.

  3. What a nice garden pictures you made!
    Lovely flowers I've never seen before!
    And cute spencer made me laugh out loud as well...:-)
    Love, Mirjam.

  4. The flowers a re beautiful, and your veggies are faring better than ours :) Max and Spencer looked like they enjoyed their weekend too :) x

  5. What a hoot! I cracked up when I scrolled down and saw Spencer. I had your "Poached Egg" plant, here in my neck of the woods we call it a "Fried Egg" plant, at any rate I managed to kill it or I weeded it out, so nice to see yours.Love your blog.

  6. Hi Maggie, your flowers all look lovely.....I shrieked out loud at Spencer in his knotted hanky!! I have tried to put a little one on the cats head loads of times-it is so so cute! It is too hot isn't it but I hope this isn't it for us now, it's just so nice to be outside in the sunshine. :-) xx

  7. Maggie, your flowers look gorgeous! My OH is growing poached egg flowers on his allotment and they keep appearing in different places. He brought some home for me the other day - very nice!
    And Spencer looks fabulous. He seems well pleased with his hankie! Does he get an ice cream to go with it?
    Kim x

  8. the poached egg flowers are, wow, beautiful. I've never seen that flower before. found your blog looking for quilts.


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