Sunday, 20 May 2012

Calf Show at Castle Combe

A week or so ago my friend Catherine asked me if Chris and I could help her at a Calf Show she was organising at Castle Combe Steam and Vintage Rally. We didn't have anything planned and it sounded like a really nice day out so we agreed we would go along and help.

We set the teasmade for 7am this morning thankful that the weather looked bright and dry. With supplies of tea, coffee, bacon, bread rolls and dog biscuits, we then trundled off in Harvey J to arrive in plenty of time for the show. This was Harvey J's first trip out this year and it was lovely to be driving along seeing gorgeous countryside views over the hedges that you wouldn't be able to see in the car. 

Catherine had been pleased to tell me that Spencer could come along too as long as he was kept on a lead. This would be his first experience travelling in Harvey J so we took his special quilt so he felt at home:) He was so excited and he loved it! He fitted in straight away!

We arrived about 9.30am and luckily Catherine had arranged for us to park close by.

It was lovely to see Catherine and her partner Pete. The last time I saw Pete I remember something about a bouncy castle and red wine.........don't ask! .....At least he told me his leg was ok now....

Catherine informed me that I would be 'stewarding' which involved passing the rosettes, prize money and certificates to the judge, Mr Rob Musson, to hand out to the winning exhibitors. Chris would be in charge of taking lots of photos.

The show began and I took my position in the corner of the ring armed with clip board, rosettes etc..

There were two types of classes - Handler Classes (ranging from under 10s to 'over aged' 26+!!) and Dairy Calf Classes.

You just have to admire these little ones and their calf handling skills...


What better way to take a well earned rest after you've shown your calf?......

Spencer was also feeling rather worn out by all the activity ;) ....

 We mustn't forget the 'over aged' class.....

And Catherine looking proud of her calf for winning a First Prize :)

Whilst Catherine was taking centre stage, Pete was happy to attend to the calves in their pens or just take some time out to do some thinking....

And I just had to do it didn't I?

I just had to borrow that hat.....

As Sunday wouldn't be complete without Spencer's Sunday Hat!!

I hope you've enjoyed hearing about our day...

Have a lovely week.

Maggie xx


  1. Sounds (and looks!) like a GREAT day! Pretty cows and cute YOU!

  2. Oh what fun! And so nice to have Harvey J there to relax in. I got a chuckle out of Spencer in that hip hat!

  3. What a great day!! I've never been to anything like that. I can't believe Spencer is so good in his hats, he's so cute. Was there not a spare rosette you could have sneaked out for him for being 'Cutest Hat Wearing Dog'...? xx

  4. Looks like a good time was had by all - especially Spencer!

  5. Hello maggie, nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting, I have replied to your comment over on my blog and really appreciated your advice. Your quilts are beautiful - especially the shabby chic ones. I think you can only price things according to what else is out there but you might do well offering commissions. Betty


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