Sunday, 23 March 2014

A little catch up and head is not shaped like a cone!

Last weekend the weather was skies and a warm breeze...we made the most of it on Sunday and went for a walk up on Selsley Common.....fabulous 360 degree views....

Chris thought it was funny to take this photo of me to show my 'cone' shaped head! 

It's not really cone shaped...I just had my hair put up underneath my hat!

Today's weather has been dreadful with hailstorms and sleet!

The weather has generally been quite cold this week.

I've been keeping indoors and doing a bit of decorating in the spare bedroom.....

A bit of baking....sunflower fruit cakes.....for the take when we go away in Harvey J....if they last that long!

A bit of dressmaking...inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee....I just need to hem the dress.....I will show you when it's completed.........

And today we met up with family....Chris's parents Dorothy and Bob, his daughter Katherine and son in law Sam and daughter Hannah.....for a lovely Sunday lunch........

Sam, Katherine, Dorothy, Bob, Hannah and Chris

It was great to catch up with everyone and I snapped this lovely pic of Chris and his daughters, Hannah and Katherine.....

As always Spencer has been looking very cute all week.....

See what I mean?

Have a great week!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. Spencer steals the show again!!

  2. Lovely views Maggie, this weather is mad, warm one day and hailstones and cold wind the next. I was inspired by the sewing bee too and this weekend I got my sewing machine out for the first time in over a year! I made a rabbit I feel quite proud haha, Spencer is super cute as always. :)

  3. Spencer always looks so cute! Your (step)daughters are lovely. Sewing your own! I finally managed to go near my sewing machine, so watch out for my next post to see my sewing project. Making any kind of dessert for "later" is futile in my house...hehe. Have a great week ahead.

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  5. The weather has been the same over here in Kassel this morning - sleet on my way to work :( I'm so looking forward to warmer and sunnier days!
    Can't wait to see the finished dress, the fabric looks lovely!

  6. Again, I love the views! What great scenery. Spring is late in coming here, too. So tired of cold weather. The cakes look delicious, and I can't wait to see the dress - love the fabric.

  7. Hi Maggie! Your walk looks lovely! I love your cone head hat!
    Aw, Spencer IS looking extremely cute!
    Oh! I adore the dress fabric!

  8. Funny hat indeed for a funny post! May you and Spencer have a nice day! Evelyne

  9. Chris's daughters looks like lovely young ladies, and Spencer is always a dear. I've seen Alfie look very similar to that last picture.

  10. Our weather has been back and forth too! Spring is having a hard time this year. Cute cone! ;-) Looking forward to seeing the dress!

  11. Spencer! Spencer! you are so adorable!! LOL!

    I have to admit I shivered a bit seeing those photos of the nasty weather. It is not so cold here but it is quite crazy dithering between decent sunny days to cold blustery typical March days. Do wish it would make up its mind. Sniff sniff.....what a lovely smell of cakes(well nearly)......they look far too yummy!

    keep well

    Amanda xx


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