Saturday, 16 November 2013

Cute Christmas Ribbons

These lovely cotton ribbons are new in stock and available in my eBay and Etsy shops...

These little houses are so cute. My favourite is the one with the red roof!

Click here to view on eBay and here to view on Etsy.

I love the retro feel of this ribbon with the old typewriter font interspersed with the red snowflakes..

Click here to view on eBay and here to view on Etsy.

Ideal for Christmas crafts and wrapping gifts.

I also have this so pretty 'Life is Beautiful' ribbon back in stock....

....sweet little birdies.....

And another new ribbon in stock.....maybe slightly summery for this time of year but very very cute....

Hope you're having a nice relaxing weekend.

Thank you for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. Hi Maggie! VERY cute ribbons, to be sure!

  2. I love those cotton ribbons. I see a lot of them on projects and such. So have good taste!

  3. I already have the bird ribbon, it's so sweet. Loving the Christmas houses and as for the washing on the line... gorgeous :) xx

  4. Wow! Cuties indeed.

    I adore the one with the houses.

    I must agree the house with the red roof looks the most pretty.
    You wouldn't happen to have a ribbon with exactely the same red roofed house and a dachshund next to it?

    It would SO fit my blog:

  5. What a gorgeous selection of ribbons.

  6. Cute ribbons, Maggie! Love the X-mas ones, so pretty! Have a happy day!


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