Sunday, 15 September 2013

Ghost, Meatballs and a Puppy

On Wednesday, my good friend Mandy and I went to see the musical Ghost at the Bristol Hippodrome. It's based on the film with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. 

We started off with a lovely lunch and catch up in a nice restaurant and then off to see the matinee of the show. I really enjoyed the dancing and some of the effects were brilliant.

I didn't want to drive home in the rush hour afterwards, so I stopped off at was just something I had to do ;)

I had Swedish meatballs for tea (my favourite) and then it was time for a spot of retail therapy.

I try to be restrained when I go to Ikea as I know from past experience how easy it is to pop this and that in those big yellow bags and then have a bit of a shock to say the least at the checkout.

Of course I had to browse the fabrics....I only bought a few.......a few metres here and there of the 'Rosali' fabrics.....I read that they were designed by Cath Kidston in her earlier days before she was a household pretty......

The vintage roses on blue is my favourite.....

Apart from a few other small bits and bobs, I also found a shelf for my workshop/office. I've been looking for somewhere to put my patchwork scrap boxes (see here and here). I persuaded Chris to put it up for me and it's perfect!

We're having a Sunday indoors today as the weather is miserable outside....

Chris is sorting his military buttons.....with Spencer's help of course...

I've got my eye on that little old suitcase!

And I'm putting together some Christmassy fabric bundles to sell at the Malvern Flea Market next sunday....fingers crossed the weather improves by then!

I'll leave you with this little bundle of cuteness! My sister, Ros, and her family's new puppy, Murphy.......

Cute cute cute cute cute....

Thanks for popping by and have a lovely week.

Maggie xx


  1. Oh, that IS a cute puppy, but not as cute as Spencer! SMILE.
    IKEA is fun, isn't it? I like the fabric you purchased! Meatballs for tea = brilliant! Have a peaceful Sunday, Maggie!

  2. Get your hands off my suitcase!! xx

  3. Murphy is so cute but so is Spencer :) lovely fabric, I love your fabric coloured boxes on your newly appointed shelf, they look very pretty. :)

  4. Lovely fabric and fabric boxes !! Cute puppy:)

  5. Maggie!!! Those fabric scrap boxes are AWESOME!! I have got to get my hands on that book, I've seen so many great things from it around quilty cyberspace! And, the Ikea fabrics are fabulous, guess I'll have to get up the road to ours soon, which reminds me I'll have a chance to go the next time I take my daughter up to the dentist! ;) Spencer is such a good helper and that puppy is adorable!

  6. Hi Maggie! What a fun weekend you had! I love the movie Ghost so I can just imagine a live musical would be delightful especially with lunch and a friend to boot. Plus, Ikea!!!! I have never been to one but I had a catalog once and I go online and drool a lot as they have so many wonderful things. I had no idea they had fabric! Yours are gorgeous and I love roses and Cath Kidson and all of that red and turquoise together. What are you going to make with them? The shelf is perfect with your fabric baskets. And now Spencer has a new cousin! How cute is Murphy! Why can't they just stay little like that? Thanks for sharing as usual! TTYL!

  7. Hi Maggie, thanks for stopping by! the show sounded great, I haven't been to the theatre for a while, but I do love it. Totally understand your stopover on the way home of course! Heather x

  8. I loved Ghost the film and I can imagine the musical was amazing.
    Those fabrics are really pretty and yes, they scream out Cath Kidston!

  9. LOL! Spencer looks like he is a big helper and the puppy is so adorable!
    I love the rose fabrics. The shelf with your patchwork scrap boxes looks so nice and colorful.
    Sounds like you had a great day!


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