Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Fantasie di Forme

My son George visited Rome last month with some friends. They were on a tight budget and stayed in a hostel. I was a bit worried but I was pleasantly surprised when he said breakfast was included and consisted of coffee and white chocolate croissants....... White chocolate croissants? Sounds like heaven.....

I was so thrilled when he presented me with two gifts from his trip!

One was this cute fridge magnet....

And the other was a fabulous bag of pasta!

I think this translates as Fantasy Shapes in 5 Flavours..

I decided the pasta was far too good to eat straight away so I've displayed it in a Kilner jar in my kitchen.....

I've never made pasta before and I can't even begin to imagine how they made all these amazing shapes.....

bunches of grapes.....

not sure what these are but they're interesting....

pretty heart.....

stripey bows......

 not sure......

and flowers......

I'm looking forward to cooking it and eating it though......I wonder how long it will stay in the jar!

Maggie xx 


  1. What a nice son to remember Mom! I love the magnet and the pasta is truly edible art! If I were you I would save out one of each especially the flat ones and I bet you could use them for "stamping" and they would make pretty designs for note cards or such. Just a thought. What thoughtfulness! He's a good boy! LOL!

  2. I've never seen pasta that colorful! I wonder if one of them is supposed to be a bundt cake. ;) Let us know how they taste.

  3. What lovely gifts! He thought of his mama. Dear.

  4. Wow - what incredible the heart! As a matter of fact love heart anything!

    Giggled at the bundt cake comment - it does look like a bundt cake!

  5. Nevertheless pretty gifts from Rome!Loved the macaroni, definitely something to cheer you up :)

  6. Just found your blog through "Stins place"

    Since you really got me absolutely overwhelmed ( the pictures, the texts...) I became your follower.
    I truly ador your dog Spencer and your SO not spoiled cat Max.

    Going to read lots and lots more in the future!

    Have a nice evening,


  7. Great looking pasta. Must make for an interesting meal.

  8. Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog.

    T try to do most of my blogposts in both Dutch and English, but sometimes I'm a bit tired and then I take the easy way out.

    Hear from you later,

    Have a nice weekend,



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