Friday, 29 March 2013

Reminiscing upon March last year

To compare the weather, I've just been taking a look at my posts from March last year and it certainly looks a lot warmer than this year.
At the end of March 2012, I remember now from looking at this post, the weather was sunny and Chris was on Exmouth beach in his shirt sleeves!

Exmouth Beach March 2012

Aww .... Spencer was so tiny then......his first visit to the beach...
Exmouth Beach March 2012
We ventured onto Dartmoor the same weekend and Chris is again is in shirt sleeves....and look at the gorgeous blue skies!

Dartmoor March 2012
I also found some photos from another post, dated 22nd March 2012 showing my aubretia in bloom......

Blooming Aubretia March 2012

and my washing blowing in the breeze with lovely blue skies.....

Washing with blue skies March 2012

From my post dated 10th March 2012 called The Sun is Shining ! Look at these lovely Spring flowers......

....and Max is happy to be outside sunbathing!

But never mind, we will light the woodburner and stay cosy and warm.....
I need to catch up with a spot of housework this weekend...but I'm hoping to plant a few seeds (indoors) and quilt quilt quilt..... I am working on three quilts at the moment......a baby clothes quilt for a customer, my summery strawberries and roses quilt (from this post) and a quilt for Spencer from scraps.....I'll post some photos over the weekend :)
Of course, we'll be wrapping up to take Spencer for lots of nice walks..
Have a lovely Easter weekend, keep warm and eat lots of chocolate!
Maggie xx


  1. Hi Maggie! Yay! Spencer gets a new blankie!
    I hope things warm up soon.
    Happy Easter!

  2. What a nice recap! Time goes too fast sometimes.

    Staying warm and indulging in chocolate, now that sounds heavenly.

    Have a wonderful weekend Maggie.

  3. Those flowers are so beautiful and fresh :)

  4. It's interesting to see your weather in the UK. We here in the States have had equally diverse spring seasons. Last year we had hot weather, short sleeves, flip flops, flowers and green everywhere. This year, nothing is in bloom, no leaves have popped out, and snow is still melting! Loved looking at your pics. I will come back often - this is my first visit to your blog!

  5. It really is hard to believe how much warmer it was this time last year! Enjoy your weekend.x

  6. Well that confirms it Maggie and just what I was saying to Sr P. Spring is definitely taking its time this year even here in Alicante,although we did have beautiful blue skies yesterday but spoilt by the gale force

    Will look forward to your quilt photos. I haven't dared tried doing any patchwork on my sewing machine as yet. I hope I'll know how to use my machine more by the summer. I just pray a needle never breaks and I never have to change the foot on it as I have no idea ! LOL!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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