Sunday, 14 October 2012

Custom Baby Quilt with Birds and Russian Dolls

Last time I told you I'd been busy....

Today I would like to show you a baby quilt I have just completed...
The top is a patchwork of gorgeous fabrics chosen by my lovely customer.....

I tried to make the best of the patterns by fussy cutting most of the squares.......

I had great fun designing the layout :)

The fabrics are very colourful and put together they make a rich and interesting quilt for a baby to look at.....

I love this bird fabric with its blue background......

There are lots of things for baby to see......

....Russian dolls.......

........lorries, cars and buses.... elephant, giraffe and zebra...........

The backing is white with little Russian dolls and makes a lovely contrast to the colourful top.....

The red polka dot binding pulls it all together......


I hope you've enjoyed this post about my latest baby quilt.
I don't know whether you noticed but that cheeky Spencer managed to sneak into three of the photos!
See if you can spot him!
Maggie xx


  1. What a great quilt! You did a wonderful job with the design. And Spencer wants to know, no doubt, why he has not been the focus of a post for a while.

  2. Oh, Maggie! This is my favorite one so far! I love all the fabrics and you put them together perfectly!
    Spencer! I wish I could give him a bone!

  3. That's gorgeous.Spencer is pretty cute too!

  4. Hello Maggie..Your baby quilt is beautiful..lovely bright and cheerful fabrics beautifully put together and I love the polka dot binding too!
    Happy Sunday,
    Susan x

  5. Your quilt is stunning I love the colours
    Thea x

  6. Hi Maggie, Gorgeous quilt for a lucky baby. You really make me want to get over my fear of my sewing machine. I love the backing and the binding. The post would be incomplete without Spencer. ;)

  7. How sweet...Have I told you how talented you are? Well you are!! I love it! Awww, I noticed Spencer in the photos right away...he wanted to be in the pictures to! Have a wonderful week, Shari

  8. The quilt is very cute! :) you are very talented and creative :)


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