Sunday, 15 February 2015

Mum's Slouchy Knitted Hat

I've completed my Mum's hat!

I love this pretty yarn...

My Mum had it in her stash....

It's the same pattern as my slouchy hat that I showed you in my last post.....

But the hat is smoother and more slouchy because of the different yarn, I think!

Or maybe it's just my knitting!

You can find the pattern here.

Just before Christmas I made this crocheted bobble blanket (?) ......

It started life as a blanket for my cat Max but as it progressed I thought the bobbles wouldn't be very comfortable for him to lie on. Trouble is I've made it a cat blanket size and now I don't know what to do with it! Any ideas?!

Oh and this is a new 'watching tv' project I've just started....a rag rug....from the pattern I found here.

Here's my box of strip scraps I'm using.....

It's marmalade making time and today I've been busy making some!....I'll share the recipe next time if it turns out all ok!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. I hopped over to the tutorial for the rag rug, it was quite fascinating and inspirational for using up scraps. I might give that a go. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mum's hat is very cute! Maybe your bobble blanket could rest on the back of the sofa in Harvey J.

  3. Oh yes, the yarn is really, really nice!
    Love the bobble blanket :)

  4. I took down the pattern as I love recommendations from friends. I love how both your hats turned out and using 2 different yarns they really are different. Lovely yarns you used too.
    The rag rug is going to be darling. I am curious as to the base/canvas? Is it plastic? Would it be washable after you're done? What a great way to use up scraps!
    I love marmalade but have never made it. Let me know how it turns out! I also love chocolate covered orange rind and I want to try that some day too. You are such an inspiration and I always love all your projects! I hope you and Chris had a lovely Valentine's Day!

  5. I don't suppose that Max will mind the bobbles - have you seen the places that cats curl up to sleep! I have a very small blanket that I made in the yarn that you used for your Mum's hat, and it is a good footwarmer! xx

  6. Another great hat! And I agree with Amy, I bet Max will love the bobble blanket. I think it's great. Bobbles are so fun!

  7. I would guess the bobbles wouldn't be a problem for Max. As the poem says...cats sleep anywhere!


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