Friday, 15 August 2014

Treasured Times and a Wonky Quilt Finish

I just thought I was getting into good habits and blogging regularly and then it all went to pot!

Last week my son Will came to stay for a few days........we had a wonderful time.......I treasured every moment as he's going to Australia in September and could be there for some time. I'm really happy for him but I'm going to miss him so much......

This week Spencer had his friend Ozzy to he is snuggled up on the sofa........

The other day we saw some people doing exercises on the Common......possibly yoga.......sorry it's so far away......I didn't like to get too close!

And I have completed a quilt. This one has been several years in the making. 

It's a bit (actually a lot) crinkly round the edges. I didn't actually realise how crinkly it was until it was hanging on the line! What with the wonky log cabin blocks and the crinkly edge, I'm definitely going to name this quilt, the Wonky Quilt!

I think it's like this because this was my first (and only) attempt at freehand quilting. I found it quite hard which is why this quilt has been put away on the shelf several times! In the end I finished the quilting by doing wavy lines with my walking foot. otherwise it would still be on that shelf!

Very random, free and easy quilting.......which I enjoyed at first.......there was a freedom in it and it was an experiment!

The patchwork pattern is by Katharine Guerrier from her book Scrap Quilt Sensation.
I can remember piecing the blocks on my machine whilst watching the film, The Curious Case of Benjamin must have been about four years ago.......funny how we remember such things!

I enjoyed making those wonky log cabin blocks!

Well the quilt may be a bit wonky but Max doesn't seem to mind........

Sorry Max...did we disturb you from your slumber?

Yesterday I made some cakes and flapjacks and wrapped them in fabrics and ribbons as they're for gifts.

Look at these lovely cows enjoying the Common....

I'm taking a short break from blogging but I won't be gone too long.

Take care 'til then,

Maggie xx


  1. Thanks for sharing these little bits of your life. Your animals seem to have a very comfortable life! Evelyne from France

  2. Wonky or not that quilt is a real delight. I loved it.

  3. Little Ozzy looks very comfortable snuggled with the pillow and blanket. Your 'wonky' quilt looks lovely. Enjoy your visit with your son. :)

  4. Gorgeous quilt, wonky, or not. What a celebration of colour, I love it. I understand how difficult it is for you, we nurture wonderfully independent young people and then they go - but don't worry, he will return and goodness will you enjoy that.x

  5. A very free quilt indeed! bet this would look great in your campervan! X

  6. Best wishes to Will in Australia! Love the quilt, so colorful and fun.

  7. Oh I love the random patchwork and the dog is soooooo cute

  8. Hi Maggie! I love the wonky quilt! Max looks extremely cozy in that lovely chair. He's cute! I'm so glad you had fun with your boy.

  9. What a handsome guy! Oh, spend a lot of time with him, giving hugs and kisses. It's so hard when our children move away. Even harder when it's far away.

    Wonky, is a perfect name for this colorful and vibrant quilt. I like that the edges match the squares.

    Enjoy the time off!

  10. Daysi que cara de felicidad tienes junto a tu hijo, como toda madre se nota que lo amas. El acolchado te quedó hermoso, yo no podria hacer algo así, nunca lo terminaria asi que te comprendo si te costó tanto terminarlo. te quedó "estupendo".

  11. Th "wonky" quilt is so fun and colorful. I want to exercise outside right there, right now. :-)


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