Sunday, 22 July 2012

Spencer's Sunday Sun Hat and a Patchwork Holiday Block

So we went to the car boot sale.

A beautiful day but not too many sales :(

Never mind. Spencer seemed to enjoy his first car boot......


......and people watching....

I realised I forgot to show you my patchwork holiday block from our little holiday last week.....

It's called the Wind Blown Square block which I thought was rather appropriate considering ther weather we were experiencing at the time ;)

I hand sewed the seams....

I think it looks lovely alongside my previous holiday block, the Shoo Fly block...

Have a lovely week :)

Maggie xx


  1. What is a 'car boot sale'? Love your quilt block. I cannot believe you hand sewn the seams!

  2. I really like the new quilt square. Neat pattern and fabrics.

    Looks like Spencer was very well behaved.

  3. Oh maggie...your patchwork squares are beautiful (i really am so jealous of you...I may have a go through the summer hols...if the girls let me :/ will let you know how i get on..or not!! And Spencer is a beaut...shame about the sales-its amazing what people buy (normally all the tat) and then ignore the good stuff!! As ever, loving your blog xx Dawn xx

  4. Beautiful patchwork, the squares do look good together, gorgeous colours. Spencer looks his usual handsome self. xx

  5. I've had no luck at the car boots for ages. The ones near us seem to be all about kids clothes and toys which is great in these tough times for young families but I've not found any bargains at all. I absolutely adore your quilting-I love the colours and patterns you use. Awww Spencer in his cute sun hat! xx

  6. What's a car boot sale? Is it like a flea market? Spencer is looking very mature lately. What happened to that cute "little" puppy? LOL! I love your blocks and of course what makes it is your gorgeous fabrics! Have a great week!


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